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Virtual Chimney Assessment

To deliver the highest quality service we are offering a program where we can use images that you take and upload of your fireplace and chimney system to provide a description of the work that needs to be done with no pre-inspection appointment necessary! In order to give an accurate assessment, we need to be sure that the images you provide contain the following information. Please read these tips regarding specific images and angles that we need to provide the best possible assessment.

Upload your photos or videos into the form below to complete your virtual assessment!

1. Full House View - Top to Bottom
2. Close up of Brick on Chimney
3. Full Fireplace - Step Back

4. Closer Fireplace of the Burn Area
5. Up the Flue if Possible - Open Damper
6. OK to Include Other Photos

Full House View - Top to Bottom

Close up of Brick on Chimney

Full Fireplace - Step Back

Closer Fireplace of the Burn Area

Up the Flue - Open Damper

OK to Include Other Photos

Repeat for all fireplaces or appliances in the home.

If your chimney needs further evaluation we will suggest you schedule an onsite inspection.

  • Please provide us with example photos as explained above. This helps us provide a more accurate estimate for the work you need performed.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
    *Please note that the accuracy of this assessment is dependent on the accuracy of the photos provided. We reserve the right to adjust the information as necessary if we arrive for an onsite inspection and discover the problem is different than what was shown in provided images.