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Chimney Sweep In McMinnville, TN – Chimney Repairs & Fireplace & Stove Installs

McMinnville TN chimney repair and sweep

When chimneys and fireplaces receive excellent service and upkeep, they give back to you by providing years of safe, reliable and efficient service. If this is how you want it to go with the chimney and fireplace in your McMinnville, TN, home, A-1 Chimney Specialist is here to help. We offer certified chimney sweep, chimney repair, chimney inspection along with sales and installation of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts throughout the McMinnville area including Manchester, TN, Woodbury, TN, Rock Island, TN, Spencer, TN, and Sparta, TN.

Professional Chimney Sweep in McMinnville TNCertified Chimney Sweep In McMinnville, TN

Chimney sweeps clean chimneys, and they perform many other important services aimed at keeping your chimney and all its components in tip-top shape. Homeowners in McMinnville rely on our certified technicians for:

  • Chimney cleaning: When your chimney is clean, it works better and runs safer
  • Chimney inspection: Annual chimney inspections can save you big money on expensive repair bills down the line
  • Chimney repairs/rebuilding: We fix leaky chimneys, damaged masonry, cracked chimney crowns and more

McMinnville, TN, Chimney Cleaning

When wood burns in a fireplace, smoke rises and exits the flue. But while the smoke is in the flue, it forms a substance known as creosote. This material can be solid, flakey or puffy, and it’s always flammable. Our chimney cleaning technicians use a variety of tools and techniques to rid your flue of dangerous creosote.

We also remove obstructions such as small-animal nests, leaves, twigs and other debris that can narrow the flue and hinder the drafting of smoke. An obstructed flue will cause fires to be hard to start and keep burning, and it also can send smoke and deadly carbon monoxide back into the house. We remove chimney flue obstructions for our McMinnville customers.

chimney inspection in McMinnville TNChimney Inspection: CSIA-Certified

When an A-1 technician inspects your chimney and fireplace, you’re ensured of an individual who is nationally certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the country’s most-respected hearth-industry organization. Your safety is paramount, so our chimney inspections cover every piece of the structure and all chimney components.
Many chimney inspection tasks can be accomplished with trained
eyes and hands. Examining the inside of the flue and the chimney liner, however, require special video technology. Chimney inspections allow you to spot early signs of damage and get them repaired quickly.

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding

Chimney repair in McMinnville TNNo matter what’s wrong with your chimney or fireplace, we know how to make it right. For more than 19 years, we’ve offered homeowners in the McMinnville, TN, area the best in chimney repairs and rebuilding including:

  • Chimney cap repair & replacement
  • Chimney crown repair & new crown construction
  • Chimney chase top repair & installation
  • Clay, steel, poured-in-place chimney liner repair and replacement
  • HeatShield flue liner repair
  • Brick repair & masonry tuckpointing
  • Leaky chimney repair & waterproofing
  • Chimney flashing repair & replacement
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Firebox repairs
  • Fireplace damper repair & installation
  • Complete chimney rebuilding
  • Historic chimney restoration

prefab fireplace install in McMinnville TNZC Fireplace, Heating Stove, Fireplace Insert Sales & Installation

Are you ready to bring more heat into your McMinnville home and add a touch of beauty and elegance in the process? Let our team help you select the perfect zero-clearance wood or gas fireplace, a new wood or gas fireplace insert or a powerful wood or gas heating stove. We’ll then ensure that your appliance is safely and correctly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and in compliance with local safety and building codes.

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