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Keep Birds Out Of Your Chimney With A Bird Screen

As birds reappear in the sunny springtime, homeowners love to watch them outside, as it is an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Birds are lovely creatures, but that does not mean you want them in your chimney and home. Unfortunately, they are often drawn to this specific area of most homes.

However, the team at A-1 Chimney Specialist is ready to provide solutions that will last for the long haul. Learn more about the importance of preventing animal entry below, then contact us to install a bird screen for you today.

The Dangers Of Nesting Materials

birds flying above chimneyA big reason to keep birds out of your chimney is due to the flammable nature of their nesting materials. Leaves, twigs, grass, and other materials like this can easily catch on fire and spread flames inside your chimney. This will cause a lot of damage to your brickwork and chimney liner, and it encourages the spread of flames to your roofing materials and adjacent woodwork, as well.

Along with this, nesting materials cause blockages. When your system is clogged up, smoke and other gases cannot escape and your family could face serious ailments as a result. One of the biggest threats is carbon monoxide, which is known to be fatal. Why take any chances? Do you best to avoid obstructions in your flue by investing in a bird screen today.

Finally, consider how the smells and sounds associated with these creatures could affect the aesthetic of your home. They leave behind foul-smelling feces, and all too often the birds themselves get stuck and pass away. This could easily lead to unpleasant issues throughout your living space, which are easily preventable with a bird screen in place.

Invest In A Solution Today

Bird screens are great at keeping unwanted visitors out, but they are not the only tool for this job. Both a chimney cap and a top-end damper work well for keeping out birds, raccoons, and other woodland creatures too. They also work to help prevent downdrafts, leaks, and debris buildup, too. If you are having issues with your chimney cap or if your throat damper needs an upgrade, reach out to our team right away.

Are The Birds In Your Flue Protected?

If you have birds in your chimney and you are eager to get them out, do not act too quickly. Some species, like the chimney swift, are federally protected and removing them or their young could land you in some trouble. If you find yourself in this predicament, your only option is to wait until the birds migrate, after which you can remove the abandoned nest. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team today!

Are Those Birds Or Bats In My Chimney?

When critters get stuck in your chimney, it isn’t always easy to tell what kind of animal (or animals) may be present. Depending on what it is, you will have to approach the situation differently! The two animals you’ll most likely discover are bats and birds. Check out some differences between these two creatures below.Are Those Birds or Bats in my Chimney - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney

Chimney Swifts Vs. Bats

The most common type of bird you’ll find in your chimney is a chimney swift. When you discover chimney swifts in your system, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. They are protected by law, and you’ll likely have to wait until they leave for the season before their nest can be removed.

When it comes to differentiating between swifts and bats, one difference you’ll notice is that chimney swifts make a lot more noise than bats. Bats won’t typically make a lot of noise unless there is quite a few of them.

Another difference you will notice is that chimney swifts fly into the chimney at night, while bats fly out of it at night. If you notice something coming in during the evening hours, then it’s likely a bird settling down before it gets dark. If you see something fly out, it’s a bat, ready to prowl and look for food.

Importance Of Chimney Caps

Whether it’s a bird or a bat, you certainly don’t want it in your chimney. The best way to prevent these things from entering at all is by having a chimney cap installed. Chimney caps are located on the top of your chimney or flue, so that no animals can enter whatsoever. It’s an easy and affordable way to protect your system from clogs, bad odors, deterioration, and all of the other things caused by nesting materials or decaying animals.

Chimney caps also help in preventing dirt and debris from entering your system, and they have many other benefits, as well.

Chimney benefits are:

  • They keep your chimney free from excess moisture (which can be extremely damaging),
  • They help in preventing downdrafts from entering your home,
  • And they serve as spark arrestors, which helps keep your roof safe from catching fire.

Schedule Your Inspection

Another way to help prevent animal entry is to schedule your annual inspection. A certified sweep can ensure that no animals have entered and, if they have, they can find their sources of entry. If you have a cap installed, then they may have found another crack, hole, or opening to get in through. In this case, your sweep can advise you on the next steps for repairs and get you back to where you need to be.

On top of this, inspections are important for ensuring your entire system is functioning efficiently. The CSIA recommends scheduling at least one per year so, if you’re overdue, get yours on the books today!

Count on the staff at A-1 Chimney Specialist today. We are excited to help you out!

All About Chimney Swifts

A chimney swift is a type of bird that lives in various places throughout the eastern half of the United States. They are smaller in size and are known for being more erratic in their movements. They spend the majority of their time in flight, only stopping to rest at nighttime and for nesting.

What Sets Them Apart?Swifts in your chimney - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself why these birds stand out among the others. One quality that makes these birds unique is their inability to perch on branches or railings, as most other bird species do. Rather, they must cling to vertical things, such as walls, caves, trees, or chimneys. Since they tend to set up nests inside of chimneys, these birds are well known by chimney sweeps throughout the United States and are ones that chimney owners should be well aware of, in hopes of preventing issues down the line.

What makes chimney swifts especially tricky to deal with is that they are in decline, due to the lack of chimneys in our modern, electricity-powered society. This means that they are now protected under Federal Law so removing them or their nests is illegal. Once they discover your chimney and make a home for themselves, you cannot bother them until they chose to leave.

How To Avoid Chimney Swifts

A surefire way to prevent a chimney swift from settling in your chimney is to get a bird screen installed. If you already have these birds nesting in your chimney, you can wait until they migrate south, and then get a screen installed to ensure that they cannot return. Not only will this step keep chimney swifts and other birds out, it will also prevent the buildup of twigs, leaves, and other nesting materials that could easily catch fire, causing harm to your home, chimney, and family members.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, our experts are trained to identify whether or not the birds nesting in your chimney are chimney swifts or not, and what further action should be taken once they are discovered. We can advise as far as what the next appropriate steps would be and will be respectful of whatever plan of action you choose to take.

Doing More

If you would like to avoid birds and various nesting materials accumulating in your chimney, yet feel bad about destroying the homes of these creatures, there are steps you can take to make everyone happy. If you research online you will find various opportunities as far as building new homes for these birds, that do not interfere with your regular chimney use.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist we are ready and able to assist with any of your chimney needs. Stop on by, give us a call, or conveniently schedule an appointment online. We are flexible and willing to work with your schedule and budget. Stop hesitating and let us get your chimney ready for regular use, so that you and your family can safely enjoy it for years to come!

Benefits Of Installing A Chimney Cap

Fireplace maintenance is very important in chimney upkeep, and there are many steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of problems down the line. One of the best ways to reduce costly and time-consuming issues is to install a chimney cap. A certified professional will be able to find one that is best suited for your chimney and will ensure that it is installed correctly. Read on to discover just some of the many benefits you will gain by purchasing a chimney cap.Benefits Of Installing A Chimney Cap - Estell Springs TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

  • Prevent Excess Moisture: Too much moisture in your chimney will trigger a lot of problems. Water gets sucked into the brick and mortar, causing the materials that make up your chimney to freeze and expand during the winter. When temperatures eventually rise, the chimney will thaw and settle. This puts a lot of pressure on your structure, which may eventually lead to a tilted chimney or, worse yet, an entire chimney collapse. On top of this, excess moisture produces stains, rust, and various form of deterioration that cause a lot of wear throughout time.
  • Keeps Out Animals: Birds and other small critters can cause a lot of issues when it comes to chimney health. An open chimney means these creatures have easy access to your home, putting your family and your belongings in harm’s way. Also, if they build nests inside of the chimney, you will be facing all types of blockages which cause smoke and other harmful toxins to back-up into your home.Benefits Of Installing A Chimney Cap - Estill Springs Tennessee - A-1 Chimney Specialist On top of all this, the materials animals use for nesting is typically very flammable, meaning unwanted fires could easily occur in your chimney.
  • Lower The Risk Of Fire: When stray sparks are given free rein to go where they please, the end result is rarely good. Without a protective cover on your chimney, sparks and flames could easily ignite your roof or any materials on top of it. Chimney caps help to keep these things under control and work well to protect your roof from potentially catching fire.

Ask An Expert

When it comes to purchasing and installing a chimney cap, consulting an expert is always recommended. Finding the right fit for your home is important in ensuring that the cap works as effectively as possible. A trained professional will know exactly what is best, based upon your needs, and can help to ensure that proper installation techniques are used. An improper fit or poorly installed cap could lead to a lot of frustrating issues, triggering draft problems and causing smoke to back up into the home. They can also easily blow away if not attached properly. An expert can advise you on which products will work most efficiently in your favor.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we have all of the advice and expertise you need to purchase the perfect chimney cap for your home. Give us a call or stop on by today!

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