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How To Spot Chimney Leaks

Are you concerned about your chimney’s structural soundness? One of the biggest reasons masonry breaks down is due to leaks and water damage. Spotting these issues as soon as possible saves you a ton of money and stress down the line. Call us in right away if you note anything suspicious. A-1 Chimney Specialist is here for you, no matter what!How To Spot Chimney Leaks - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

Check Your Chimney Cap & Chimney Crown

One reason you may be having leaks is due to a faulty cap or crown. These are the pieces at the very top of your chimney and they are typically your fireplace’s first line of defense against excess moisture. Let’s start with the chimney crown. Crowns are typically cement-based, slanted structures that sit on your chimney and slightly overhang past the edges. They are known for being super durable, easily casting water away from your brickwork, mortar, and flue opening.

The chimney cap is the piece that covers the flue opening so that water cannot go down into it. The cap is inexpensive and durable, and it keeps your flue from experiencing the harmful effects that come with too much water exposure. Without a well-functioning chimney cap in place, your liner will likely deteriorate quite quickly, making your system unsuitable for regular use.

If either the cap or crown is missing or damaged, you’ll be facing leaks throughout your chimney. Check these areas right away if you notice any signs of water damage, then have an expert take a look to see what can be done. A CSIA certified professional, like the staff at A-1 Chimney, can fix up your crown or cap in a hurry! Or, should a replacement be in order, we can handle that, too. Count on us for it all!

Other Things To Look For

If your cap and crown are both in good shape, there are other areas you can check for leaks. For example, your flashing could be rusted and cracked, thus allowing water to enter and damage your structure. When your flashing is in good shape, it provides an excellent seal for the area where your roof and chimney meet. Unfortunately, improper installation can eventually lead to big issues. Count on us to get the job done right the first time!

Your brickwork may also be in bad shape, thus allowing excess water easy access to your other chimney parts. Luckily, we can fix it up! And once we’re through, we can apply waterproofing agents, so that you won’t have to deal with leaks and water damage again anytime soon. Give our sweeps a call today!

Schedule An Inspection Today!

The best way to stop leaks before they turn into a bigger issue, is to schedule inspections at least once per year. This way, a professional can assess your situation on a regular basis, then let you know of any necessary repairs or build up. For the best chimney care in Tullahoma and all of its surrounding areas, count on the team at A-1 Chimney Specialist!

Does My Crown Need Rebuilding?

Are you having issues with your fireplace? Do you find yourself facing leaks, water damage, and more? If so, you may need some work done on your chimney crown. Chimney crowns face a lot of nasty weather and wear and tear. So, having them repaired or replaced is not an uncommon issue. Learn more about chimney crowns below. Afterwards, browse our site to find out what we can do for you!Does My Chimney Crown Need Rebuilding - Tullahoma TN - A1 Chimney

What Is A Chimney Crown?

A chimney crown sits on the top of your chimney. It works hard all year long to protect it from various types of moisture. Your crown should be slanted downward and extend a bit over the top of your chimney. This way it can easily direct any water away from your brickwork and mortar.

Why Do I Need A Crown?

As stated above, a crown helps protect your masonry from excess exposure to moisture. But why is this really necessary? After all, brick is strong, so how much damage can water really do? To answer simply. A lot!

Bricks are a lot more absorbent than they appear. When they soak in water, it can cause the freeze/thaw process to occur, which puts a lot of extra pressure on your chimney system, as a whole. You see, in the winter, all of that soaked up water freezes and expands, causing your chimney to expand with it. In the summer, it thaws and causes your chimney to settle. All of that strain puts your chimney through a lot of unnecessary wear and tear!

On top of this, water exposure leads to rust, rot, stains, mold accumulation, clogs, and all types of decay and deterioration. Not only are these issues unsightly, diminishing the look and aesthetic of your entire home, but they cause your chimney to break down at a much quicker pace, as well.

By rebuilding your chimney crown, you are investing in years worth of chimney use and fireplace fun. Make the right choice and have your crown inspected today!

Why Should I Call A1 Chimney Specialist?

Nowadays, there are a certain set of standards and regulations when it comes to constructing your chimney. The CSIA offers specific guidelines regarding how far out the crown should extend, what it should be made from, how it should align with the flue liner, and more!

At A1 Chimney Specialist, our staff is CSIA trained and certified, so we know what to do when it comes to building you a strong and highly efficient crown. We will use the best materials available and can design a piece that fits perfectly with your specific chimney. On top of all that, we can provide you with further waterproofing services to ensure water damage is never an issue you have to deal with.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to setting you up right!

Don’t Let Water In Your Chimney

Water is not a friend of you chimney. See to it that it doesn't have a way of getting in and damaging your chimney.

Water is not a friend of you chimney. See to it that it doesn’t have a way of getting in and damaging your chimney.

Even though rain is necessary for survival, it can be detrimental to our chimney. However there are ways to make sure that you are protected. It is also important that you keep your maintenance up to date as well so that you know to fix any current problems. To speak to a qualified technician call A-1 Chimney Service today!

How does water damage your chimney?

When water is allowed into your chimney it can begin to cause deterioration to the inside of the structure, especially in a masonry chimney. Also, when enough water collects it can begin to mold and spread to other parts of the home. It can also lead to other problems including broken brickwork, rust on metal parts, and a cracked or damaged flue liner.

How do you repair water damage?

A mix of the water and high winds that come along with storms can do some damage to a chimney. The chimney crown is often damaged in the process. This is the cover that seals the flue liner to the edge of the chimney. Most of the crowns are built out of mortar which is not designed to withstand many years of bad weather, often times cracking after installation because of shrinkage.

You also want to make sure that your flashing is in good shape. This is the seal between the roofing materials and the chimney, and stops water from being able to run into living areas. When being repaired, technicians will check both the flashing and the counter-flashing.

How can you prevent water damage?

There are ways to make sure you are doing your part when trying to keep the water away. Make sure that you have a trusted technician check your chimney cap. These are specifically designed to make sure that water does not enter the chimney’s interior. These will work to prevent animals from entering as well.

Secondly, have the technician waterproof your chimney after they sweep it. This is a procedure where they spray a sealant on the outside of the chimney to repel water that may come into contact. This is not a hard procedure but must be done on a dry day. If you live in an especially wet climate, your chimney may require more than one coat.