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All About Chimney Swifts

A chimney swift is a type of bird that lives in various places throughout the eastern half of the United States. They are smaller in size and are known for being more erratic in their movements. They spend the majority of their time in flight, only stopping to rest at nighttime and for nesting.

What Sets Them Apart?chimney swift

As a homeowner, you may be asking yourself why these birds stand out among the others. One quality that makes these birds unique is their inability to perch on branches or railings, as most other bird species do. Rather, they must cling to vertical things, such as walls, caves, trees, or chimneys. Since they tend to set up nests inside of chimneys, these birds are well known by chimney sweeps throughout the United States and are ones that chimney owners should be well aware of, in hopes of preventing issues down the line.

What makes chimney swifts especially tricky to deal with is that they are in decline, due to the lack of chimneys in our modern, electricity-powered society. This means that they are now protected under Federal Law so removing them or their nests is illegal. Once they discover your chimney and make a home for themselves, you cannot bother them until they chose to leave.

How To Avoid Chimney Swifts

A surefire way to prevent a chimney swift from settling in your chimney is to get a bird screen installed. If you already have these birds nesting in your chimney, you can wait until they migrate south, and then get a screen installed to ensure that they cannot return. Not only will this step keep chimney swifts and other birds out, it will also prevent the buildup of twigs, leaves, and other nesting materials that could easily catch fire, causing harm to your home, chimney, and family members.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, our experts are trained to identify whether or not the birds nesting in your chimney are chimney swifts or not, and what further action should be taken once they are discovered. We can advise as far as what the next appropriate steps would be and will be respectful of whatever plan of action you choose to take.

Doing More

If you would like to avoid birds and various nesting materials accumulating in your chimney, yet feel bad about destroying the homes of these creatures, there are steps you can take to make everyone happy. If you research online you will find various opportunities as far as building new homes for these birds, that do not interfere with your regular chimney use.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist we are ready and able to assist with any of your chimney needs. Stop on by, give us a call, or conveniently schedule an appointment online. We are flexible and willing to work with your schedule and budget. Stop hesitating and let us get your chimney ready for regular use, so that you and your family can safely enjoy it for years to come!