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Wood Stoves And Gas Stove Sales – Stove Install In Winchester TN & Huntsville AL Areas

Gas burning stove repair & Installation in Monteagle, TNHave you been thinking it might be time to bring a new heating stove into your home? If so, you’re not alone. Modern free-standing heating stoves keep growing in popularity because of their many benefits. A-1 Chimney Specialist offers certified gas and wood stove installations throughout Winchester, TN, Huntsville, AL, Tullahoma, TN, New Market, TN, Bell Buckle TN, and other cities and towns in the Winchester/Huntsville region.

A Powerful New Gas or Wood Heating Stove

Modern heating stoves from top makers such as Pacific Energy and Superior are the perfect choice if your goal is increased heat performance, safe operation, long life and stunning good looks.


Our certified fireplace, stove and chimney experts will help you choose the ideal model for your home based on your heating requirements, square footage to be heated and personal aesthetic tastes.

Wood & Gas Stove Q&A

Q: We live in Winchester, Tennessee, and we don’t have horrid winters like up north. I want a stove that heats but mainly looks good in my home all year long. Are modern stoves really as elegant as they say?

A: Today’s free-standing heating stoves are designed to look amazing – even if you rarely fire them up. When you shop for heating stoves, you’ll find a huge variety of styles that will enhance the décor and beauty of any room they’re placed in.

Q: I heard that wood and gas stoves produce very high levels of heat. Is this true?

A: It is. Modern free-standing wood and gas stoves carry heat-efficiency ratings typically from 65% up to 85%. This tells you how much of the heat produced by the appliance will be available as heat for your home. A new heating stove can out-heat a masonry fireplace by four times or more.

Wood burning stove repair & installation in Madison, ALQ: Is it easy to add a new stove to a smaller room like my kitchen or master bedroom?

A: Absolutely. Wood-burning and gas stoves can be installed just about anywhere for excellent zone heating. They come in many sizes with customized vent pipes that run through a wall or the ceiling. No chimney needs to be built.

Q: I want a new stove because I’m tired of messing with wood logs for my masonry fireplace. What’s my best option?

A: A gas stove is your best option. They’re clean-burning, require very little maintenance and you’ll never have to spend time sweeping up wood shavings or vacuuming soot from the hearth area.

Q: I love the look of my wood fireplace. Will a wood-burning stove give me the same “look”?

A: Wood logs are wood logs, no matter where they burn. A new wood heating stove will provide you with a stunning view of the firebox and its leaping flames and crackling logs. You’ll be sacrificing nothing.

Q: I have no idea how to install a new stove.

A: That’s fine, because it’s not a job you should be doing, anyway. Our expert stove installers will set up your stove to run safely and efficiently and be in compliance with all local safety and zoning ordinances.

If you have questions that we didn’t answer here about adding a new gas or wood heating stove to your Winchester-area/Huntsville-area home, we’re standing by to help. To schedule an appointment or speak with an expert, call (931) 967-3595 in the Winchester region or (256) 285-4895 in and around Huntsville.