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Winchester TN-Area Masonry Fireplace Upgrades | Surrounds, Mantles, Gas Logs, Inserts & More

A well-built masonry fireplace is commonly the centerpiece of the main room. It’s an area for gathering, relaxing, contemplating and basically living life. If you believe your fireplace could do with a little upgrading to make your life better, we’ve got some ideas for you.

A-1 Chimney Specialist performs many types of masonry fireplace upgrades for our customers in Winchester, TN, Huntsville, AL, Madison, AL, Manchester, TN, Murfreesboro, TN, and other communities in south Tennessee and north Alabama.

Masonry fireplace upgrades can focus on the look of the fireplace/hearth area as well as fireplace performance.

Masonry Fireplace Upgrades: Aesthetics

Masonry fireplace inserts in Big Cove, ALFireplace surround: If your fireplace was never finished with a beautiful fireplace surround, adding one is a great idea. Fireplace surrounds are wall treatments that can be made of brick, stone, tile, wood or other materials. You can also find some excellent pre-made, ready-to-install surrounds.

Fireplace mantle: It’s amazing how something as simple as a mantle can improve the look of your entire hearth area. Mantles are available throughout the Winchester, TN/Huntsville, AL area in a variety of lengths, heights, colors and design styles.

Raised hearth: Add an elegant touch to your masonry fireplace with a built-up or raised hearth. This upgrade can be as wide as you want it and serve as the perfect place for fireplace tools, log storage or decorative trinkets.

Gas log set: A new gas log set is more of a convenience upgrade than an aesthetic upgrade, but these devices do bring plenty of beauty to a room. With a gas log set, you get realistic-looking flames without any of the mess and hassle of dealing with the purchase, hauling and storage of wood logs. You get immediate fire when you want it, and shutoff is done in an instant.

Masonry Fireplace Performance Upgrades Winchester, TN

Fireplace insert: Adding a powerful gas or wood fireplace insert to the masonry fireplace in your Winchester home will bring you a very important benefit: heat, and lots of it. Inserts carry very high heat-efficiency ratings – often three or four times higher than those assigned to traditional masonry fireplaces.

Fireback: A fireback is a heavy slab that is set in the back of a masonry fireplace’s firebox. Commonly made of cast iron or steel, firebacks absorb lots of heat from your fire and radiate much of that heat out into the room.

Fireplace blower: The problem with masonry fireplaces is that their design allows for a great amount of the heat they produce to be lost up the chimney. By upgrading with a fireplace blower, much of the heat will be filtered into the room instead of into the outside air.

Chimney & Fireplace maintenance in Shelbyville, TNFireplace & Chimney Maintenance

By keeping your masonry fireplace and chimney in top working shape, you’ll enjoy better performance. Smart maintenance tasks include:

Inspection: Have this done once a year to spot early signs of trouble and get them fixed.

Chimney sweep: Annual chimney cleaning removes flammable creosote and obstructions that can cause drafting problems and thus reduce the overall performance of your masonry fireplace.

Smoke chamber parging: Located above the firebox, the smoke chamber is designed to channel smoke efficiently into the flue.

Older or damaged smoke chambers can hinder air flow, and their rough areas hold accumulated creosote and soot. Parging smooths out the smoke chamber.

Damper repair: If your fireplace damper is rusted or warped, it may not open fully during a fire. This reduces air flow and makes for sluggish and weak fires.

A-1 Chimney Specialist serves the greater Winchester, TN and Huntsville, AL, regions with the very best in chimney sweep, chimney inspection, chimney repair and installations of fireplaces, stoves, fireplace inserts and accessories. Let us help make your masonry fireplace upgrade truly spectacular. Call (931) 967-3595 in the Winchester area or (256) 285-4895 in and around Huntsville.