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Chimney Damper Installation

Your chimney’s damper blocks off the flue when it’s not in use, which serves two functions: it keeps rain, snow and other elements out and it keeps the heated or cooled air in your home from escaping.

A chimney damper can get stuck in place due to debris or corrosion. If you’re experiencing issues with your damper, an experienced A-1 Chimney Specialist technician can assess whether it can be repaired (usually by adjusting and/or lubricating the moving parts), or whether you’ll need to replace the damper.

Types Of Chimney Dampers

Throat Dampers

Most fireplaces were installed with throat dampers, which are located at the top of the firebox, blocking off the flue there when closed. Throat dampers are generally controlled either by a knob above the fireplace or with a handle inside the firebox.

When a chimney is properly maintained and routinely swept, these can be good and functional dampers. But they can break, get stuck or come off the track they sit on. If your damaged throat damper is still in reparable condition, an A-1 Chimney Specialist technician will be glad to help restore it. If your throat damper gets damaged beyond repair, a top-end damper can be a beneficial replacement, and we can install one that works with your system.

Top-End Dampers

A top-end damper is installed at the very top of your flue and is usually controlled by either a chain that runs through the flue or a handle at the side of the firebox.

These dampers can bring several benefits, first and foremost being energy savings. Top-end dampers are highly efficient, with a gasket that forms a tight seal over the flue, effectively closing your chimney off from the elements. This means you’re not paying to heat the cool air in your chimney during the winter, or cool the hot air during the summer.

Many homeowners are choosing to replace their throat dampers with top-end dampers to take advantage of this energy efficiency boost.

Is Your Chimney Leaking? Faulty Dampers Can Sometimes Be The Culprit

Chimney leaks are frustrating and complicated, but there are several places that we commonly find leaks originating from, including the: chimney cap, chimney crown, chimney flashing and the chimney damper.

If your chimney is leaking, have an A-1 Chimney Specialist technician take a look. We’ll check your damper during a thorough inspection and repair or replace it if it isn’t functioning correctly.

Do you need to repair or replace a chimney damper? Call or click here to schedule online to have one of our Chimney Safety Institute of America-certified technicians help you find the best option for your home.


A professionally installed chimney crown may be exactly what you need to keep your chimney dry and free of moisture. Ask us for more details about this chimney product repair or installation today.

  • review rating 5  A1 came out to sweep and inspect our chimney, as well as put a screen over the chimney opening. The guys that came out were fantastic!! They were so kind, friendly, and very professional. I was comfortable with them in my house, and they did a great job. They explained everything to me, and joked with my kids. We’ve already recommended them to other people and it’s only been 10 hours since their visit! We’ll definitely use them every time we need chimney services.

    thumb Laura Cole
  • review rating 5  I can't say enough good things about this company. The men came to clean our chimney (which badly needed it). They kept the house clean; they were so very polite; they took photos of the chimney. They also checked our dryer vent and took photos of that. We then learned that they service gas fireplaces--and we have been hunting for someone to help us with this. A lovely team. Super professional. It was like having the best doctor make a house call.

    thumb Elizabeth Grammer
  • review rating 5  On time to identify problem/issue great professional young technician that knew what to recommend. Alway communicated and reason I have used for my fireplace for over 15 years.

    thumb Roy Millar
  • review rating 5  Not like the cable guys! A-1 Chimney was timely and informative from the start! Phone calls to let you know who, what , when and we’re they were going to be from your scheduled appointment time. Great level of professionalism when they arrived and was knowledgeable of our needs and their solutions. I would highly recommend a small business over the big guys because you are a customer, not a corporate bottom line. As a side note..... good to see a young staff learning a trade. All three of the young gentlemen that were here are supporting that trade. “Ahhh it’s just a fireplace” What do you rely on in a power outage? Emergency heat........... Your fireplace! Thanks A-1..... See you again!

    thumb Nick Bohaychyk
  • review rating 4  Good service but EXPENSIVE. They were prompt and did a good job, but the cost was $40 more than the companies in Nashville.

    thumb Bevo H


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