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new installed chimney crownThe chimney crown is one of your chimney’s most important defenses against weather and intruder-related damage and decay. Unfortunately, not all crowns are created equal, and not all crowns provide the same level of protection. Is your chimney crown living up to its duties?

What Is The Crown & Why Do I Need It?

The chimney crown refers to the concrete area at the top of your chimney, just below the cap. If designed and installed properly, the crown will work to divert water away from the masonry of your chimney and away from your home, and will also help to keep animals and debris from entering the chimney system. It’s not common to find a chimney without a crown, but it is common to find a chimney with a sub-par or deteriorating crown.

What Makes A Crown Good?

fresh chimney crownA good, properly designed and installed chimney crown should be built of a quality concrete and mesh/fiber mix, and should be smooth and sloped, to encourage water runoff. It’s also incredibly important that the crown be of proper thickness, and that it be properly sealed and extend past the masonry of the chimney. Unfortunately, we find that many chimney crowns are too thin and flat, inadequately sealed, and simply end where the chimney ends. Crowns like that never last for long, and can quickly deteriorate and lead to leaks. Is your chimney adequately protected?

How Do I Know If My Chimney Crown Is Suffering?

before and after chase coversIf your chimney crown is cracked or crumbling, or if you notice any discoloration on your masonry (i.e. change in brick shade, white staining, or signs of vegetation), it’s highly likely that you have a water problem, and that your crown needs repairs or a complete replacement.

Because water is so damaging to your chimney system and home, it’s important that you seek professional help as soon as you notice any of these signs. The technicians at A-1 Chimney Specialist have extensive experience identifying leaks, and can repair or replace your crown quickly and properly. We will not only provide you with a crown that is built to last, but we can also make waterproofing recommendations to further protect your chimney.

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Installing a bird screen on your chimney will give you added protection and longer chimney life. The pros at A-1 Chimney Specialist are experts at this type of installation, so give us a call.

  • review rating 5  Great people to work with. Definitely the best choice for chimney services in the area! FM

    thumb Brandtastic Marketing
  • review rating 5  Great service! Due to unexpected doctor appointments, I had to reschedule two times and they worked with me to get it done as soon as possible. They were very prompt; the living area was left exactly as it was when they arrived (no mess at all!) and answered my questions. I highly recommend them!

    thumb Sally Edwards
  • review rating 5  In a time where customer service is becoming more infrequent than frequent , I have to take a moment to acknowledge the superb above and beyond service my husband and I received from A1 Chimney . First of all , we came to use this company several years ago when they sleeved our 100 year old house's chimney so we could burn real wood . We have used them regularly to check and sweep our chimney since. This year however , I had a chimney fire . Thankfully no damage was done . In looking at my records , I realized I hadn't had the chimney swept in a few years . BIG mistake on my part , hence the fire . So I called the company , sing my woes , asking if it would be possible for them to come out before Thanksgiving , this is less than 2 weeks prior by the way . Kind Marty lets me know the first availability isn't until 12/16 but he will do his best to see what he can do. He calls me back the same day to let me know he had jiggled some things around and could be out 12/13 . I thanked him but asked if there were any cancellations to please let me know. Kind Marty , let me rephrase , very KIND Marty , calls me back a couple of days ago asking if we could be free the Monday pre Thanksgiving . Absolutely , I reply . Well on Monday afternoon Preston and Robert leave after checking for damage , cleaning and confirming the sleeve did exactly what it is designed to do , protect the house in the event a chimney fire takes place , never once suggesting it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't waited 4 years . So THANK YOU all for doing such a wonderful job ! You have made us and my out of town family very happy in making it safe for us to enjoy this holiday with lovely fires , something we / they look forward to on their cold weather visits . May each of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving ! You've certainly made ours !!! Gratefully , Linda & Gill Ramsden

    thumb Linda Ramsden
  • review rating 5  A1 came out to sweep and inspect our chimney, as well as put a screen over the chimney opening. The guys that came out were fantastic!! They were so kind, friendly, and very professional. I was comfortable with them in my house, and they did a great job. They explained everything to me, and joked with my kids. We’ve already recommended them to other people and it’s only been 10 hours since their visit! We’ll definitely use them every time we need chimney services.

    thumb Laura Cole
  • review rating 5  I can't say enough good things about this company. The men came to clean our chimney (which badly needed it). They kept the house clean; they were so very polite; they took photos of the chimney. They also checked our dryer vent and took photos of that. We then learned that they service gas fireplaces--and we have been hunting for someone to help us with this. A lovely team. Super professional. It was like having the best doctor make a house call.

    thumb Elizabeth Grammer


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