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Cast in Place Liners

cast in place chimney relining inIf your chimney lining is too damaged for repairs – or if no lining exists in the chimney in your historic home – you may need to reline your flue. There are several options to consider, but cast-in-place chimney liners are seen as the most “permanent” option for chimney relining. And while this option doesn’t tend to be the least expensive, it has many benefits that can make it worthwhile.

How Cast-In-Place Liners Work

Installing a cast-in-place liner is a labor-intensive process, but the results are a long-lasting, seamless liner that can vastly improve the effectiveness of your chimney.



To install the liner, A-1 Chimney Specialist technicians will insert a former down the length of your chimney, before pumping the liner material — which is similar to concrete — in around the former. The former is removed once the liner sets, leaving a smooth liner that’s free of cracks, gaps or seams.

The Benefits Of Cast-In-Place Liners

chimney liner repair in Murfreesboro, TN


  • You have several options when relining your chimney, but cast-in-place liners offer multiple benefits.
  • The material a cast-in-place liner is made of is extremely heat resistant, withstanding temperatures over 2000 degrees.
  • Cast-in-place liners seal any and all voids in your chimney, whether they are gaps, cracks or spalling. And any masonry that has become loose will bond together in the insulation process, becoming part of the new, strong and seamless liner.
  • The addition of a cast-in-place liner will actually add strength to your existing chimney, bolstering the bricks and mortar joints.
  • Unlike mortar or clay, cast-in-place liners are extremely resistant to the corrosion caused by byproducts of burning gas and oil.
  • Because the cast-in-place material creates a remarkably well-insulated liner, condensation and creosote buildup is reduced.
  • Since a cast-in-place liner is seamless, it is also highly effective at increasing the efficiency of your system overall.

If your chimney is in need of relining, a cast-in-place liner could be the right choice. Call to have an A-1 Chimney Specialist technician inspect your flue and help you figure out what option is best for you, or use our online scheduling form.

Another option for relining your chimney is stainless steel liners. Discuss the options with A-1 Chimney to see what’s best for your situation.