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Certified Chimney Inspections

Why Does A Chimney Need An Inspection?

We’re all accustomed to the value of proper maintenance and inspection of a car: it helps lengthen the car’s life, makes it efficient, makes it safe, often saves us money in the long run, and always offers us peace of mind.

Properly maintaining and inspecting your chimney is just as important — your chimney is allowing you to enjoy warmth and togetherness with your family and friends, but its many parts are also doing hard, important work, keeping you all safe. A proper, National Fire Protection Association-standard inspection ensures that all of your chimney’s parts are performing properly; that harmful gases and byproducts aren’t coming into your home through cracks or gaps; that damage or leaks aren’t letting water degrade your chimney; and that you know — as early as possible — what you might need to repair to keep your home and family safe and warm.

A-1 Chimney Specialist Offers 2 Levels Of Chimney Inspection

Our company provides two different levels of inspection, as outlined in the National Fire Protection Association Code 211 (the Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances).

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Level 1 Inspection

The NFPA recommends this level of inspection if your system hasn’t been significantly changed, if it’s continuing to vent in the same way it has in the past. We’ll visually examine all of the readily-accessible parts of your chimney’s interior and exterior, making sure the chimney is sound, checking for gaps, cracks, obstruction and other issues. If necessary, your chimney technician will recommend a sweeping of the chimney to remove any blockages, creosote, and to improve your chimney’s performance. Typically a wood-burning fireplace will need to be cleaned more often than a gas fireplace since you have more by-products released during combustion, but frequency of use also determines how often a chimney needs to be swept. Your chimney technician will be able to determine this during the inspection.

Level 2 Inspection

If any major changes are made to your system — for instance, a change from wood to gas fuel, a new flue liner, or a new appliance — you’ll be best served by a more thorough Level 2 inspection. You’ll also opt for a Level 2 inspection if the home is being sold, if a major malfunction has occurred or if an outside event could have caused damage to the chimney. (This can include major weather events, and when major wind storms or tornadoes occur in our area, we highly recommend a Level 2 inspection.) For these inspections, we do everything included in a Level 1 inspection, but also examine the chimney using interior video scanning and inspect your chimney in the crawlspace, basement and attic areas.

When Should I Schedule An Inspection?

Everyone from the Environmental Protection Agency to the American Lung Association recommends an annual chimney inspection, done by an experienced, licensed chimney sweep. That’s part of the National Fire Protection Association’s 211 code, and, of course, our recommendation too. But you’ll also want to schedule an inspection if you notice any issues — leaks, smoke, odor — that may indicate a problem in your chimney. A-1 Chimney Specialist’s technicians can thoroughly inspect your chimney and assess whatever problems may be hiding and recommend the best approach for repairs and returning your chimney to functioning at its best.

To schedule an expert inspection anywhere in the Tullahoma or Winchester, Tenn. area, call A-1 Chimney Specialist, or use our convenient online scheduling form.


If your chimney needs to be repaired or restored, you’re in good hands with A-1’s professional chimney service.

  • review rating 5  Not like the cable guys! A-1 Chimney was timely and informative from the start! Phone calls to let you know who, what , when and we’re they were going to be from your scheduled appointment time. Great level of professionalism when they arrived and was knowledgeable of our needs and their solutions. I would highly recommend a small business over the big guys because you are a customer, not a corporate bottom line. As a side note..... good to see a young staff learning a trade. All three of the young gentlemen that were here are supporting that trade. “Ahhh it’s just a fireplace” What do you rely on in a power outage? Emergency heat........... Your fireplace! Thanks A-1..... See you again!

    thumb Nick Bohaychyk
  • review rating 4  Good service but EXPENSIVE. They were prompt and did a good job, but the cost was $40 more than the companies in Nashville.

    thumb Bevo H
  • review rating 5  These two gentlemen were very courteous, prompt, professional, and helpful. They provided the service we needed. We will rely on them for future chimney needs!

    thumb James Bateman
  • review rating 5  A1 Did an excellent job of inspecting my fireplace and chimney. Very professional and very knowledgeable.

    thumb Arlen Naffziger
  • review rating 5  Without reservation, I would recommend A1 Chimney for any of your fireplace and chimney needs. I had them inspect and clean a chimney on two different houses and found them to be very thorough and most professional. They are very cognizant of keeping your house clean and left no mess at all. Their knowledge also instills confidence in their work, and their many years of experience are evident. Nothing less than 5 stars for this wonderful company.

    thumb Clive Wasson


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