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Fire Prevention Week 2018

Back in October of 1871, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed thousands of homes, left a huge portion of the city homeless, and took the lives of hundreds. This devastating damage serves as afire reminder of how important fire safety and education truly is, which is why in 1925, Fire Prevention Week became a national observance that we acknowledge with every passing October.

What This Year’s Theme?

If you’ve participated in Fire Prevention Week in the past, then you are likely aware that each year comes with its own theme. This year’s theme? “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.” This encourages homeowners to look for potential fire hazards everywhere they go, listen for alarms that could indicate a fire has occurred, and to learn of at least two exits from every room they’re in. All of these small steps can make a big difference when it comes to staying safer!

This theme also encourages general awareness of how dangerous fires are and serves as a reminder that the possibility of one occurring is always there. It may seem like it couldn’t happen to you, but thousands are affected every single year, and there’s no denying the risk of injury or extensive home damage should one fall victim.

Join the NFPA this year by spreading the word. Post online, organize community events, and share the fact sheets that the NFPA has provided on their website. They offer some great sources for information and ideas, so check them out today, then get to work! With all of us pitching in together, we can make a big difference in our neighborhoods.

The Facts About House Fires

In just four short years between 2011 and 2015, fire departments across the United States responded to well over 350,000 home structure fires. That averages out to nearly 88,000 per year! It’s time we work together to encourage a drop in these numbers, which is why staying up-to-date and educated on fire safety is so essential.

As you can imagine, these fires resulted in countless injuries and thousands of deaths. Fires are preventable, so let’s review some facts to ensure your household stays as safe as possible, especially with the holidays and cooler weather coming up so quickly.

First of all, investing in smoke detectors is a must, as these are often the fire indicators that trouble is amiss. We also encourage everyone to plan and practice escape routes from the various rooms of their home. Always remember – once you are safely out of your home, never re-enter a burning building for any reason.

Then, work with us to ensure your fireplace and dryer vents are thoroughly inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. The CSIA advises that homeowners invest in at least one inspection per year for both of these appliances, which will minimize the risk of house fires significantly. Anything from a damaged interior to creosote build-up to clogs in the system and more can trigger a fire, so schedule your maintenance now before your burning season kicks off.

Trust in the best by working with us. We’re ready for your call.

We Install, Service & Repair Gas Fireplace Inserts

Do you love having a fireplace, but are sick of all the maintenance involved with it? Anyone who owns a wood-burning appliance knows what we mean… These units offer an undeniable ambiance and a classic atmosphere to your living room, but they also require a lot of work! Between scooping ash, hauling logs, and building fire after fire, the whole fireplace experience can turn into more of a time consuming process than you planned.Install, Service, & Repair Gas Fireplace Inserts - Tullahoma TN - A-1

If your lifestyle is just too busy to maintain all that, then consider investing in a gas insert. They can easily be installed into your current fireplace, making the transition to a more convenient fuel type easier than ever. The staff at A-1 Chimney Specialist is qualified to get the job done right, so give us a call today.

Benefits Of Owning A Gas Insert

Any type of gas fireplace will offer a lot more convenience to a homeowner’s life. When you’re done with the day and ready to relax, all you need to do is flip a switch or push a button, and you are good to go! You’ll get the warmth and comfort you’re looking for, just without all of the work involved. When it’s time to call it night, all you need to do is turn off the appliance and go to bed. No waiting on flames and embers to die out – just flip the switch, and you’re all set.

Gas fireplaces are also known for being much more efficient than their wood-burning counterparts. They burn cleaner, and they are more effective when it comes to heating your living space, too. You’ll be doing the environment a service, and you’ll get better results from your fireplace – it’s a win-win!

On top of all that, gas fireplace comes in a wide range of designs and styles, so you won’t have to worry about compromising the aesthetic of your home. Many are created with the look of a traditional fireplace in mind, so homeowners are still given that homey, cozy look they love, just without the physical demand on their bodies. Or, if you’re looking for something different and more modern, there are many options that lean away from that classic appearance. Whatever you’re interested in, we can help you through it!

Yearly Inspections Are Still A Necessity!

Now, just because your life is made easier with a gas fireplace insert, doesn’t mean your yearly inspections are no longer necessary. There are still things that can go wrong, and your home will still face risks if issues aren’t addressed regularly and promptly. If the venting system gets out of place or if a similar installation issue arises, your system will very likely start to break down at a rapid pace. Along with this, you’ll be at a higher risk for gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure.

For folks in and throughout Tullahoma, Winchester, and all of their surrounding areas, the team at A-1 Chimney has your back through everything. Let us inspect your system now before temperatures drop, so you can light up your first fire of the year with the ease and peace of mind you deserve. We can’t wait to help you out soon. Call today!

What Are Bird Screens?

If you hear a cheep, cheep, cheep coming from your chimney flue, chances are you’re ready to figure out just what type of bird is in there and how you can get it out fast. When birds set up camp in your chimney, their squeaking can get old pretty quickly, and you definitely won’t be able to light a fire anytime soon. That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to keep them out! We can help you get this done with our bird screens.What Are Bird Screens - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialsts

Bird screens are specially designed to cover your chimney’s opening, so that birds (and any other woodland creatures) can’t make their way in and cause problems. Our sweeps can assess the size and shape of your crown and determine what type of screen would work best for you. When it comes to keeping you and your fireplace safer, the team at A-1 Chimney is the one to trust!

Avoiding Clogs & Buildup

When birds start using your chimney as a home for themselves and their young, it doesn’t take long before you run into problems. One of the biggest issues is their nesting materials clogging things up, leaving you unable to light a fire without smoke and other fumes backing up into your home.

Not only does this make your home smoky, smelly, and uncomfortable, it can also trigger all kinds of health issues for those within it! Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous and hard to detect, and it can be deadly if not caught in an appropriate time period. As you can see, clogs are inconvenient, as well as dangerous, making them something you simply don’t want to mess around with.

If you’re ready to avoid these problems altogether, consider investing in one of our bird screens today. We’re ready to take your call and anxious to help to help you out soon!

Other Issues Birds Bring

Unfortunately, clogs and buildup aren’t the only things you’ll have to deal with when birds invade your chimney. Their nesting materials are also very flammable, making them a fire hazard. The last thing you want to deal with right before fall comes back around is a chimney fire, so let us help you avoid anything that could potentially trigger an issue.

Birds in the chimney also attract pests and insects, and if they get stuck and pass away, you’ll attract even more of these nasty bugs and maggots. Along with this, animals – whether alive or dead – aren’t known for bringing good smells with them, so your home could get pretty stinky in a hurry! All in all, it’s simply not worth it, especially when an easy fix is just a quick phone call away.

Removing Birds

Keep in mind that, before having any birds or their young removed, it’s important to ensure they are not federally protected. Chimney swifts, for example, are protected by law making it illegal to remove them. In these cases, you’ll need to wait until they and their young leave on their own accord, after which you can take preventative measures to ensure they cannot return.

Have questions? We can help. Get in touch with our team today!

We Can Clean Your Dryer Vents

At A-1 Chimney Specialist we’re well known throughout Tullahoma and its surrounding areas for our long list of chimney and fireplace services. We take pride in providing homes with stronger structures and safer living spaces, and we look forward to serving our customers, both old and new, for many more years to come.We Can Clean Your Dryer Vents - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

That being said, we don’t only work on your chimneys. We also are trained and certified to perform maintenance on your dryer vents, as well! Dirty dryer vents can quickly become a hazard, upping your risk of structural fires and gas leaks significantly. This kind of damage can wind up costing you a lot in expensive repair work and has a history of harming thousands of people every single year.

Vents in need of professional attention also trigger inefficiency. If you’re noticing your clothes are taking what feels like forever to dry, then it’s very likely that some clogs are present in your system. This costs you time and it ups your monthly energy bills, too. Many homeowners blame the dryer, thinking they need a new one, when really a simple cleaning will solve the problem.

What It Means To Be A CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician

Keeping these things in mind, many homeowners decide to take it upon themselves to take apart their vents and do their best to clean them out. Throughout the process, it may seem like they’re getting a lot of dirt and debris out, but the truth is that there are likely countless areas they are missing.

This means that their problems will only continue and their household will remain at risk. It takes certain tools, equipment, and expertise to get this job done right, and that’s why our team has worked hard to become certified dryer exhaust technicians. We’ll thoroughly clear out your venting system, then reassemble everything correctly, ensuring you don’t have to worry about harmful fumes leaking into your living space.

Techs who are certified with the CSIA are required to take an extensive exam for which they must spend hours studying. There are also many opportunities to engage in workshops and hands-on training, which further aids their ability to do the best job possible. If you want to guarantee the safety of your home and loved ones, hiring our team of experts is the way to do it!

Schedule Your Annual Cleaning Today

You’ve likely been told that your chimney and fireplace need to be inspected at least once per year, and the same goes for your dryer vents. Having them cleaned out by our knowledgeable crew every single year is a surefire way to keep house fires and carbon monoxide exposure at bay. Along with this, we strongly urge our customers to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the home. These are all really easy steps that could wind up saving lives!

For more information, please give us a call today. We’re happy to help and eager to serve!

How Do Gas Fireplaces Work?

Whether you’ve already invested in a gas fireplace or you’re simply considering the option, it’s important to know the facts of how they operate. Fortunately for residents of Tullahoma, Winchester, and the surrounding towns and cities, the highly qualified team at A-1 Chimney Specialist is here to help. Learn more about gas fireplaces below, then give us a call with any questions.

Increased Efficiency

How Do Gas Fireplaces Work - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney SpecialistGas fireplaces are highly efficient. Wood-burning options offer a classic and a timeless aesthetic. However, when it comes to energy savings and more guaranteed heat, gas units are the best. So, how does this work? Well, a lot of the heat in wood-burning fireplaces gets absorbed into the masonry or escapes out of the chimney. The fire itself also requires a lot of upkeep and must be regularly refueled. This is a lot of work for less efficient results. Gas-fueled units, on the other hand, work to provide way more heat into your living space. This results in a more comfortable environment and lower monthly heating bills.

Ease Of Use

Gas fireplaces provide more heat throughout the cold months, and they are very easy to use. If storing logs, hauling wood, building and maintaining fires, and scooping out ash doesn’t sound like an ideal way to spend your winter, then you should invest in a gas fireplace.

With the flip of a switch or the push of a button, you get nice, warm flames that your friends and family can enjoy night after night. There is no mess, no clean-up, and no extra hassle with a gas unit. For busy homeowners, you can enjoy the comfort of a cozy fire without having to work hard for it. Take the plunge and talk to our team of experts today.

Achieving A More Streamlined Look

Homeowners today want the more streamlined looks throughout their homes. While many masonry/wood-burning fireplaces look great in modern homes, there are a lot of families want something more simple. If you’re adding a fireplace to your home, then gas may be the way to go. There’s more flexibility in placement options, and it doesn’t require much space.

Importance Of Regular Professional Upkeep

It’s important to ensure your gas fireplace is always running as efficiently as possible, and we can help with that! Our technicians are CSIA trained and certified, so you can rest easy knowing you have the best to help with your chimney. We’ll inspect, maintain, and repair any issues that come our way. Call us at 931-967-3595 today!

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