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Why Now is the Best Time for Masonry Repairs

Chimney sweeps universally recognize that now is the best time for masonry repairs. It’s not some kind of unified sales pitch. No, it is an appeal for the benefit of homeowners who care about using their fireplaces in winter. The second point may be more meaningful in this economy: Scheduling masonry repairs in spring or... Read more

Can My Chimney Be Cleaned If It Has a Bend? 

If you have a chimney with a bend, it is not a problem for our technicians at A1 Chimney Specialists. Old or new, straight or bent, we have the appropriate tools to clean your chimney. Cleaning a chimney with a bend requires specialized tools. A1 Chimney Solutions has what we need to get the job... Read more

The Best Time to Get Your Chimney Swept 

In the seasons when the sun can get uncomfortably hot, it’s good to recall cold weather and the welcome warmth of your fireplace. Yes, when it’s spring or summer, it’s the best time to get your chimney swept. Chimney cleaning is an important safety issue, to be sure. A myriad of other factors should also... Read more

Chimney Corbeling and What You Need to Know

A chimney corbel is a brick bump-out that creates a stair-step effect. Here, we will explain chimney corbeling and what you need to know. It is sometimes an essential feature related to the smoke chamber or an outside wall chimney with multiple flues. Decorative corbelling on a chimney is purely architectural, adding beauty and character... Read more

Why Good Chimney Flashing Is Important

You may not have heard about all the components of your chimney and fireplace. This article will discuss the Chimney Flashing and why it is so important. The chimney flashing is the component that secures the area where the chimney meets the roof. The reason there is flashing is to provide a seal where the... Read more