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5 Common Fireplace Problems that Affect Its Functionality

A beautiful fireplace adds both character and warmth to any home. Unfortunately, it is commonly overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. For optimal performance and safety, chimneys and fireplaces require routine maintenance. Routine maintenance can uncover problems before they grow into more expensive repairs. Let’s look at some of the common fireplace problems that... Read more

Water in Chimneys & Fireplaces: Warning Signs & Prevention

Water can have a devastating effect on the structural integrity of the chimney and fireplace, but it is not always easy to detect. A healthy chimney will allow oxygen to circulate to fuel the fire, which will enable the masonry to breathe and to vent exhaust. There is a multitude of entry points for potential... Read more

5 Chimney Essentials Every Homeowner Should Know

While most homeowners are familiar with the comforts of gas or wood-burning fireplace, many are in the dark when it comes to an understanding of their chimney. As the crackling flames in the fireplace are keeping your living space warm and cozy, your chimney is getting rid of the noxious fumes and preventing the fire... Read more

 Questions to Ask Before Installing A Chimney Liner

When it comes to lighting a fire in the fireplace or heating stove, most homeowners would agree that reducing the risk of fire and carbon monoxide exposure is a top priority. And that’s what a chimney liner does. It gives your masonry chimney another layer of protection that will not only help keep your home... Read more

Why is My Fireplace Drafty?

Many homeowners complain that they can feel cold air coming out of the fireplace. It’s a common problem with many fireplaces, regardless of age. When you light the fireplace, the chimney sucks in the colder outside air to fuel the fire. The fire needs a constant supply of oxygen to keep it flaming. But as... Read more