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Why Do We Recommend Annual Chimney Inspections?

If you own a chimney, you’ve probably heard time and time again that annual inspections are an extremely important part of your regular maintenance. The CSIA says so, as well as pretty much every chimney company throughout the country! There’s obviously a reason why so many support these yearly inspections, but why are they so encouraged? Well, A-1 Chimney Specialist is here with the facts!

We Can Address Repairs Right AwayAnnual Chimney Inspections Image - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

One reason why we like to perform annual inspections is so that we can spot any potential weak areas. If holes, cracks, and other damage are starting to form, we want to put a stop to it sooner rather than later. Doing so will eliminate bigger and more costly repair jobs down the line, and it will help your fireplace run smoother and more efficiently all season long.

We Can Remove Creosote, As Needed

Creosote can cause a lot of damage, due to its flammable nature and tendency to accumulate quickly in certain conditions. You can minimize buildup by burning only seasoned wood in your fireplace, maintaining good airflow, and by making sure your chimney is already warm before lighting any fires. That being said, it still always seems to find a way to form and cling to the inside of your flue or chimney.

One of the most disastrous things creosote can do is trigger chimney fires, and, the more you have, the higher your risk is for some serious issues. Chimney fires lead to cracks and holes, and they weaken your structure significantly. These things make your home more vulnerable to stray flames and any adjacent woodwork or roofing materials could easily catch fire. It’s not worth taking any risks… get those inspections scheduled right away!

We Can Remove Clogs

Animals and outside debris tend to make their way into chimneys more than homeowners may realize. Birds will often build nests in these areas due to their durability and warm, strong walls. Raccoons, bats, and other critters like to set up camp in chimneys, too! Animals, along with any materials they bring in with them, can quickly cause clogs and blockages. This leaves you with no way to vent out hazardous fumes and smoke, and these toxins will quickly enter your living space, affecting the health of loved ones.

It’s important that we get in right away to remove these blockages before you start lighting fires. We can clear out your flue or chimney, then set up you with the right tools to prevent clogs down the line. Chimney caps, for example, are an effective and affordable way to keep animals out, as well as any other debris. Ask our experts about getting yours installed today!

Call Us Now!

With Fall upon us and temperatures dropping, our sweeps are busier than ever. Call us today, so we can set you up with an appointment as soon as possible. The sooner we check things out, the sooner we can address any issues… and we want to make certain you are good to go before the holidays arrive. Pick up the phone now!

Did You Know Your Chimney Needs Regular Maintenance?

If you own a fireplace, then you know that they significantly enhance the ambiance of a home. You simply can’t beat cozy nights curled up by a fire with loved ones… They set the mood for any occasion, and there’s no doubt that they make holiday parties more festive than ever! On top of all that, they are known for increasing the value of a house in the selling process, and tons of potential homebuyers look for a fireplace in their future homes.

For something that makes such a difference, don’t you think it deserves regular care and maintenance? Inspections, sweepings, and more all ensure your chimney system stands strong and runs efficiently with every passing year. Neglect can lead to some major issues and, once things start crumbling, your chimney will be unsuitable for use until expensive repairs are made.Your Chimney Needs Regular Maintenance - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney

Invest in regular maintenance with A-1 Chimney Specialist, so you know you’re good to go this holiday season. Our CSIA certified stafff can’t wait to help you out soon!

Preventing Creosote Buildup

One thing that needs to be taken care of regularly is creosote accumulation. Creosote forms as fires are burned in your fireplace, making it nearly impossible to avoid, and it is very flammable, thus encouraging chimney fires to occur. You can decrease the rate at which it forms by burning only seasoned wood and by encouraging good airflow throughout your system, but these factors don’t entirely prevent it from building up inside your chimney.

Your best bet for keeping your system free from the harmful effects of creosote is by investing in regular sweepings and inspections. We can look at your system and let you know if a sweeping is necessary. Ignoring this regular maintenance may eventually cause a chimney fire to form, which is very damaging to your chimney’s structure, as a whole. It melts mortar, cracks brick, and it leaves your home’s woodwork more vulnerable to stray flames and heat.

The worst part is, many times these fires occur without the homeowners even realizing it! In these cases, people continue to build fires, not realizing that they are causing more damage and are close to starting their own home fire. This is why inspections and regular maintenance is so important, and why scheduling an annual check-up with a professional is always your best bet in the long run.

Patching Up Repairs

Another reason why regular maintenance is necessary is so that repairs can be addressed as needed and in a timely manner. Not all issues are easy to detect. Cracks, holes, and damaged parts can lead to inefficiency, smoke backup, exposure to harmful toxins, and a whole lot more. Trust us when we say it’s not worth the risks involved (or the extra expenses and stress). Call on our expert team, so that we can allow you the peace of mind you deserve this holiday season.

We’ve Got Your Back

Whatever your fireplace and chimney needs are, we are certain we can help you out. From installations to restorations to repairs, we truly do it all! Give us a call today to learn more.

National Fire Prevention Week: Oct. 8-14

Are you looking for a good way to learn about fireplace maintenance and spread the word about fire safety? Well, we have great news for you! National Fire Prevention Week is coming up! That’s right – from Oct. 8th to Oct. 14 you can take advantage of countless opportunities to educate yourself, your family, and your friends all about how to prevent fires and stay protected should one occur within your household.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we always look forward to weeks like this one. After all, fireplaces are our passion, and we want to ensure our customers stay as safe as possible all year long. Learn more about this event below, and be sure to spread the word to co-workers, friends on social media, neighbors, and more!

What’s This Year’s Theme?National Fire Prevention Week Image - Tullahoma TN - A1 Chimney Specialist

If you’ve participated in NPW in the past, then you know there’s always a theme. This year is all about getting out of your home safely – Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out! The National Fire Prevention Association is offering some great tips for keeping your home and family safer in the event of fire. Since there’s not a lot of time to think in this dangerous situation, planning ahead is key! Learn more below.

First off, it’s important to create potential escape routes and make sure everyone in the home is aware of them. If one is blocked, there should be a backup route in place. This way, family members won’t have to stop and think of where to go (wasting valuable seconds necessary for safely getting out). It’s also a great idea to run practice drills to ensure your children are as prepared as possible and can easily escape if they don’t have an adult nearby to help them.

Another tip is to close doors as you exit rooms. This helps to keep the fire contained, allowing more time for people to get out of the establishment. It also keeps smoke from spreading around the area and slowing loved ones down.

Help firefighters out by making sure your house number is clearly visible. The sooner they get there and address the flames, the better. Also, in the event of fire, once you’re out of the home, stay put and stay safe! Never re-enter a burning building.

Are Products Available For FPW?

Yes! By visiting the NFPA’s website, you can see tons of great products that help raise awareness and spread the word about this event. Hats, pencils, stickers, magnets… The list of supplies goes on and on! Whatever your interests are, there is something for you, and you can even buy in bulk to get a better rate. But order fast because October 8 is coming up quick!

Need An Inspection?

If you’re ready to keep your home and family safer, count on us to inspect, sweep, and maintain your chimney. We are eager to continue serving the area, and our CSIA certified staff is the team to trust! Call A1 Chimney Specialist today!

Has Rain Been Making Your Chimney Leak?

Rainy weather can really put a damper on your week. Outdoor activities get canceled, water puddles show up everywhere, everything gets muddy, and you may start experiencing leaks throughout your home. If rainwater has been causing problems in and around your chimney, then it’s time you invest in repairs and find solutions that will help you out in the future. The certified staff at A-1 Chimney Specialist is here to help you out!

Taking Preventive Action

Has Rain Been Making Your Chimney Leak - Tullahoma, TN - A-1 ChimneySo, what can you do to stop leaks from forming? There are a few great options we have for protecting your chimney and home. Remember, though, that any repairs should be addressed before we start on any preventative work. This will ensure your chimney is in great health from the get-go and stays that way for years to come.

First of all, let’s talk about chimney caps. Chimney caps keep water out of your flue and keep your chimney liner protected and in good condition. The best part is, they have other perks, as well! They help to keep out animals and serve as spark arrestors. In addition, they prevent debris from clogging up your flue and stop annoying downdrafts from swooping through your home.

We can easily install a chimney cap for you – and they’re affordable, too! Count on our staff to get the job done right the first time. It’s a great purchase that we know you won’t regret.

Next, we can examine the flashing and the chimney crown. If these parts are damaged, that may be a big contributing factor to your water problems. Flashing helps seal the area where your roof and chimney meet, and the crown directs rainwater out and away from your masonry. We can seal cracks, patch holes, and replace any parts as necessaryv .

Lastly, we strongly encourage homeowners to invest in waterproofing. Waterproofing provides a protective coating for the chimney, while still allowing your brickwork the ability to breath out necessary moisture and vapors. It’s the perfect way to ensure your system stays standing tall for years while eliminating leaks and water damage. It’s affordable and we can get the job done fast. Why wait? Make your appointment with us today.

Other Negative Impacts Of Water

Neglect and lack of regular maintenance leads to lots of problems, and when it comes to moisture and masonry, leaks won’t be your only issue when preventative measure aren’t in place. Water damage comes in all shapes and forms, some of which include clogs, decay, rust, rot, stains, and more. The more issues your system faces, the worse off you’ll be, and you may eventually face a chimney settlement or collapse.

Investing in preventative measures and regular maintenance early on is always a better and more cost-effective investment option than neglecting everything until you need expensive repairs. Give us a call, so that we can set your chimney up with all of the tools necessary for maintaining a long and healthy life.

What Are Prefabricated Chimneys?

When most people think of a fireplace, they think of a big, sturdy brick structure that is built into one’s home. These are known as masonry fireplaces and they add a timeless look and pleasing aesthetic to homes everywhere. Yet, if you’re thinking of putting a new fireplace system in your home, masonry options may not be the best option!

For something that requires less installation time, offers high-quality functionality, and won’t break the bank, consider adding a prefabricated fireplace to your home! These units are becoming more and more popular as homeowners discover how visually pleasing and highly efficient these models are. And they come in a wide variety of styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your home – no matter what!What Are Prefabricated Chimneys Image - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney

How Do They Work?

Prefab fireplaces come as one whole unit and must be installed exactly as the manufacturer instructed. It’s best to hire a CSIA-certified sweep (like the staff at A-1 Chimney Specialist) to get the job done right. That way, you can rest easy all year long, knowing your home and family are staying as protected as possible.

The best part is, these units are always put through various testing processes. Because of this, you know you’re investing in a product that will bring years of safe, family-friendly entertainment to your home.

Do I Still Need To Schedule My Annual Inspection?

Yes! No matter what type of fireplace system you have in your home, a yearly inspection is always a necessary step for maintaining safety and efficiency with every passing season. Prefabricated fireplaces are known for fitting in great in anyone’s home and have gone through many tests before being sold and manufactured, but that doesn’t mean they can’t break down or face wear and tear. Always play it safe – schedule your next inspection today!

Also, keep in mind that prefabricated fireplaces are just as vulnerable to chimney fires as any other system. A chimney fire will damage your unit significantly and put your home and family in a dangerous situation if not properly addressed. Get that inspection scheduled today.

We’re Here For You!

The staff at A-1 Chimney Specialist is here to help you out today! We can install, replace, and repair any prefabricated fireplace so that your home is looking great in no time. Call us now to beat the fall rush, and we’ll make sure you’re ready to go when the holidays come around!

The best part about working with us? Our CSIA certified staff can do it all! Once your unit is installed, count on us for regular maintenance and sweepings down the line. We look forward to serving you for years to come!

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