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It’s Time To Get Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

Has your dryer been running inefficiently? Are you clothes taking way too long to dry? Has it been over a year since your last vent cleaning? If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to call in our team of experts to check things out. The team at A-1 Chimney Specialist are CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians, ready to serve our customer base to the fullest. If you need help, call right away!It's Time To Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Image - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney

Don’t Risk House Fires & Carbon Monoxide Exposure

The big issues with dirty dryer vents are your increased risk of experiencing a fire or gas leak. Fires can easily occur when the appliance overheats, which is much more likely to happen when things are clogged up. Lint is very flammable, so flames spread quickly, putting your entire household at risk. This has caused thousands of homeowners across the United States to shell out hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars in home repairs and reconstruction work.

Avoiding damage is a major reason to invest in a dryer vent cleaning, but the biggest benefit you’ll get is added safety for your family. Dryer vent fires can occur at any time, and you never know who may be in the house when flames start to spread. Why take any chances, when a simple solution is just a phone call away? Count on our team to get the job done right.

Along with the risk of fire hazards, you risk harmful gases entering your home. The biggest concern in this department is carbon monoxide exposure, which can be fatal if not addressed swiftly. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so detecting it is impossible without a little help. We encourage all of our customers to put carbon monoxide detectors throughout their home, so any signs of trouble are evident right away.

Signs of exposure include nausea, vomiting, headaches, confusion, weakness, dizziness, and similar symptoms. If you notice any of these in you or loved ones, or if your carbon monoxide detectors start to go off, leave the home immediately and call the proper authorities for help.

Ensure Heightened Efficiency

Along with making your home much safer, clean dryer vents ensure your appliance runs more efficiently, too. No one wants to wait around all afternoon for one load of laundry to dry, and all that extra energy use can add up quickly on your monthly bills. Many assume the fault lies with the dryer itself, but it’s typically the vents that need addressing! We can get things running more smoothly, so you don’t have to deal with the stress any longer.

Call Now While Our Schedule Is Open

Don’t wait until fall to get us in. Call now, so we can get your vents inspected, cleaned, and ready to go in no time! Our busiest season is only a few months away, so getting your appointment scheduled today will guarantee you the quickest and most convenient results. And, while we’re at it, why not get your chimney inspection over with, too? We’re here to do it all! Reach out to our team now.

All About Prefabricated Fireplaces

Prefabricated fireplaces are slowly becoming a popular choice for homeowners. They provide warmth, comfort, and joy to families all throughout our service area, without all the work involved with building a masonry fireplace. You’ll also have more flexibility regarding the placement in your home. If you’re interested in a prefabricated fireplace, then read all about why we love them below.

Setting It Up

All About Prefabricated Fireplaces - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney SpecialistThe set-up involved with prefabricated fireplaces is far less complicated than masonry chimneys. This makes them more cost-effective, and you won’t have to worry about setting aside time to engaged in a big project either. Prefabricated fireplaces are complete systems that come with all the parts necessary for construction, so your fireplace will be set up and running in no time!

However, it’s important to have a professional CSIA-certified sweep to do the installation work. The manufacturer’s instructions must be followed exactly because even the smallest mistake can result in malfunction and inefficiency. An incorrect set-up can also lead to danger for your home and family such as chimney fires or gas leaks.

Our sweeps are highly trained, certified, and experienced in all types of installation work, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Set up an appointment with us today, so you’re all ready to go when fall and winter arrive.

Longevity & Maintenance

Like other fireplace, prefabricated fireplaces also need yearly inspections and  maintenance to function properly and stand the test of time. Calling our certified sweeps to check things out at least once a year to ensure your system is is safe and efficient.

Prefabricated options last about 10 to 15 years when homeowners take care of them. They are a worthwhile investment, and they can provide many seasons of lasting comfort for you and loved ones. They even come in a wide range of styles so you can pick one based on your taste.

If your ready to pick out a prefabricated fireplace, now is the time. We have plenty of time on our schedule to set it up. And you’ll be ready for the cold once it strikes. Contact our qualified staff today at 931-967-3595.

What Do Chimney Caps Do For Your Chimney?

Every piece of your chimney’s anatomy plays an important role in its overall functioning. Well-working and correctly installed parts ensure efficiency and safer fireplace place use year round, giving you peace of mind going into every burning season. At A-1 Chimney Specialist, our CSIA certified team of experts work hard to make sure chimneys in the area are well-inspected and swept and that any necessary repair work is promptly addressed.

Throughout these processes, we always like to ensure homes are set-up with a proper-working chimney cap. Chimney caps are affordable, quick to install, and they make a big difference when it comes to protecting your fireplace and chimney. Learn more about these products below. Contact us today so that we can get yours installed as soon as possible. It’s the right choice to make!

Keeping Water Out

What Do Chimney Caps Do For Your Chimney - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney SpecialistAs you likely know, water can do a lot of damage to a chimney in a short amount of time. If water gets inside of your flue, you’ll notices leaks throughout your fireplace and your liner will start to break down, too. It’s important that there is something in place that covers the flue and blocks this moisture from entering. That’s where chimney caps come in!

Installation of the chimney cap over the flue guarantees protection for years to come. In fact, the Underwriters Laboratory states that in order for a lining system to meet their safety standards, the chimney must have a chimney cap protecting it. If you don’t have a chimney cap on your chimney, there’s no time to lose. GIve us a call now!

Preventing Animal Entry

Chimney caps are also known for preventing animal entry. It’s not uncommon for bats and other critters to make themselves at home in your flue, and birds are notorious for building their nests there. These animals and the materials they bring in with them can cause clogs and other deterioration in a hurry.

Chimney caps keep both your home and these creatures safer. Not to mention, some animals, like chimney swifts, are endangered, meaning once they’re in the flue, they can’t be removed. In these cases, you won’t be able to use your fireplace until the animals leave on their own. After their departure, we remove their nesting materials.

Avoiding Downdrafts & More

It seems as though the list of benefits chimney caps provide goes on and on. Along with preventing animal entry and keeping water out, chimney caps also help reduce downdrafts, keep out excess debris, and stop stray sparks from going onto your roof. All of these things work to make your home safer and more comfortable. We provide you with peace of mind before entering your next burning season.

There’s no reason not to have your new chimney cap installed right away. Ask our experts about how we can help you out soon!

Off-Season Is The Best Time To Upgrade To An Insert!

Now is the Best Time to Meet with Us If you’ve been considering switching to a fireplace insert, we can’t blame you. Many homeowners are making this same choice, due to the insert’s incredible efficiency and great heat output. Well, now is the time to get this work done! Our schedule book is more open during the spring and summer months, meaning we have the freedom and flexibility to better accommodate you.

Spring and summer are also great for installation work because, should any repair work be necessary, our materials will be able to cure properly, giving you the best results possible.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we sell, install, and maintain both wood-burning and gas-fueled fireplace inserts. Learn more about your options below, then contact us today to speak with us in further detail about our services!

Wood-Burning Inserts

If you love your wood-burning fireplace, but just aren’t getting the efficient results you want, then a wood-fueled insert is an ideal option for you! These units are great because they still offer a timeless aesthetic, while also allowing homeowners to have the authentic smells and sounds associated with burning real wood.

By investing in an insert, you’ll have longer-lasting fires and a lot more heat, without totally transforming your fireplace. We can help you find the perfect fit for your home. Together, we’ll explore your options and review the wide range of designs and styles in the market. Before you know it, everything will be set-up and ready to go!

Gas-Fueled Inserts

If you’re sick of hauling wood, building fires, and dealing with smoke and ash, then you should consider purchasing a gas insert. More and more people are choosing to switch to gas because it is so efficient and easy to use. Just flip a switch and you’ve got heat! Many worry about losing that classic fireplace look, but many models are very realistic and have gas logs that look just like the real thing. We’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call now!

Before We Begin…

Before diving into the installation process, you’ll want to have your chimney inspected for any damages and buildup. Our crew is CSIA trained and certified, so we’ll be able to spot any issues before they develop into bigger problems. Investing in this regular maintenance is the best way to ensure efficiency and avoid severe damages associated with creosote accumulation, chimney fires, water damage, and more.

If you need a sweeping or repair done, our team can handle the job! Investing in professional care will ensure your system stays in tip-top shape and that further problems won’t occur again down the line. Trust in our team to take care of you from the start, so you can gain the peace of mind and reassurance you deserve!

Do You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned?

Most homeowners don’t think about their dryer vents a whole lot. They’re typically not very visible in the home, and we tend to pay them little regard. That is, until your dryer starts working inefficiently! When drying times start taking longer than normal and you’re forced to run multiple loads, it can get frustrating in a hurry!

If your clothes are coming out damp, you may think a new dryer is in order. This is often not the case! A professional dryer vent cleaning returns your dryer to full strength. Count on the CSIA certified dryer exhaust technicians at A-1 Chimney Specialist to help you out!

Dirty Dryer Vents Are Dangerous

Do You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney SpecialistAs we’ve said, a clean dryer vent helps your appliance run much smoother. You won’t be forced to run load after load, wasting valuable time and costing you money in energy bills month after month. This is an obvious benefit of investing in this yearly maintenance, and it’s a big reason why people call us in!

Yet, more importantly, cleaning out your dryer vents makes your home safer on multiple fronts. For one thing, it decreases your risk of experiencing a house fire. When the appliance overheats, fires can occur easier than you might think! Fires, combined with the flammable lint the dryer produces, can cause flames to spread in a hurry. Thousands of fires occur every year due to dryer vent neglect. Why take any chances? Get on the phone with our team today!

Unfortunately, fires aren’t the only thing you need to be concerned about when it comes to dirty dryer vents. When pathways clog up, the fumes your appliances produce cannot escape. This means they will turn around and enter your home, putting loved ones and pets at risk of illness or worse. In fact, many homeowners with clogged vents have been exposed to carbon monoxide, which can be fatal and is nearly impossible to detect!

Signs You Need A Cleaning

If you are unsure whether or not your vents need attention, look for these common signs that clogs and obstructions are present: longer dryer times, musty odors, excess lint in and around the dryer, higher temperatures in the laundry room, and clothes being extra hot after the cycle is complete.

Also, if it’s been over a year since your last cleaning, it’s always best to get one in. Like fireplace inspections, dryer vents should be cleaned once a year to ensure maximum efficiency and safer functioning.

Trust In Our Professional Team

Cleaning out your dryer vents may be something you feel you can take on yourself, but we strongly advise against this. Even the smallest slip up can lead to big issues for you and your household, all of which end up costing you more time, money, and stress. Make your home safer by setting up an appointment with us today!

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