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Does Every Chimney Need To Have A Cap On It?

A chimney without a cap is like an open window in your home, but not every chimney has a cap. A chimney cap, also known as a flue top cap, covers the open flue to keep rain, pests, and debris from getting inside the chimney and blocking the flue pipe. In addition, an outside mount... Read more

Chimney Dampers: Is Yours Working Like it Should?

Chimney dampers, or fireplace dampers, usually are located just above the firebox and can be opened and closed from inside the home. Some dampers are installed at the top of the chimney and are called top-mount chimney dampers. How do you know if your damper is working safely and efficiently? Here’s how to find out.... Read more

Keep Your Fireplace Clean & Safe Between Cleanings

With sub-freezing conditions expected during the winter months, folks in Shelbyville and throughout the Southern and Middle Tennessee Valley tend to use the fireplace more frequently than in other areas. So even though you may have recently had your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, here’s how to keep your fireplace clean and safe between professional... Read more

Basic Fireplace & Chimney Terminology You Need to Know

Like every industry, the hearth industry has its own words and terms that aren’t automatically understood by everyone. If you use a fireplace and chimney, here’s some terminology you should be familiar with. Structure & components Chimney: Differentiated from the flue, which is an area, the chimney is the actual structure itself and is usually... Read more

FAQs About Chimney & Fireplaces for Your Home

As we get ready for the upcoming fall season, many homeowners in Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee are making plans to get their fireplaces prepared for when that first cold snap arrives. Since some folks may be wondering if they need to sweep a gas fireplace, why they have a terrible smell in the fireplace,... Read more