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The Dangers of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

Qualified chimney sweeps stay busy resolving all types of chimney problems, and leaks are among the most common issues. Homeowners should understand the dangers of ignoring chimney leaks. Repairs need to be scheduled as early as possible to keep costs down and to avoid threats to safety. When chimneys leak, it is often evidence of... Read more

The Importance of Annual Chimney Inspections

Did you know that the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) suggests having a chimney inspection once a year as well as a chimney sweep? They do and with good reason. During the spring, summer, and fall there is so much going on. Our lives are busy. We don’t want to think about our chimney... Read more

5 Step Technique for Sustaining a Fire All Night

It’s almost fireplace weather, and we have techniques for sustaining a cozy fire throughout the night to share with you. Always remember that a fire must be attended at all times. With that in mind, check out the tips below for safely enjoying a sustained fire that can last all night long. Fireplace & Chimney... Read more

Why You Should Avoid Leaves And Branches Over The Chimney

With the changing seasons comes beautiful fall foliage. After that, though, homeowners have quite the clean-up ahead. Falling leaves and brittle branches not only leave a hefty clean-up task, but they can also disrupt chimneys, roofs, and gutters. To prepare for this, it’s a good idea for homeowners to trim back branches and limbs prior... Read more

Guide To Chimney Crown Repairs

Whether you’re a new fireplace owner or a seasoned enthusiast, caring for your chimney is essential to keeping your home safe and comfortable. In this guide, we’ll explore some tips for keeping your chimney crown in top shape so you can enjoy all the benefits of a well-maintained chimney. From repairing cracks to applying waterproof... Read more