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Gas Heating Stove Install | Heat Your Home Conveniently With a New Gas Stove

People who rely on their masonry fireplaces for warmth in the winter often are disappointed. Homeowners who fire up a powerful gas free-standing stove, however, chase away the winter chill fast. A-1 Chimney Specialist can get you set up with a beautiful new gas stove today. We serve all of Winchester, TN, Huntsville, AL, Tullahoma, TN, Sewanee, TN, Fayetteville, TN, and other cities and towns in south Tennessee and north Alabama.

Gas burning stove repair in Winchester, TN

Masonry Fireplace vs. Gas-Burning Heating Stove

When it comes to heating your home, a standard open masonry fireplace simply can’t compete with a gas heating stove. Masonry fireplaces are typically rated at 10% to 20% heat-efficiency. Modern gas stoves by top makers such as Pacific Energy and Superior carry heat-efficiency ratings typically between 65% and 75%. This rating tells you the percentage of heat that goes into the home as opposed to up the flue or vent pipe. Imagine the difference in your Winchester home with a new gas stove that produces three to five times more heat than your existing fireplace.

Lovely Designs

Today’s gas stoves are a far cry from yesteryear’s old-fashioned pot-bellied stoves. When you buy a modern gas heating stove, you’re not only buying heat but also fabulous good looks with a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and finishes to choose from.

Perfect for Zone Heating

Because gas stove installation is so simple, it’s easy to benefit from zone heating by having smaller stoves added to the kitchen, bedrooms, den and even the bathroom. This way, you heat only the areas you want heated and save on utility bills.

You Don’t Need a Chimney

Gas heating stoves come with their own vent pipe, which can run through a nearby wall or the ceiling. You don’t have to have a special masonry chimney built.

So Easy to Use

Using a gas free-standing stove is about as complicated as using a television. Actually, it’s a lot less complicated. With remote control options, you can start and stop your stove when you want and always kept it burning at just the right temperature.

No Mess, No Cleanup

Say goodbye to the days of sweeping up wood chips and vacuuming up soot. A gas stove produces no mess and requires only an annual checkup by a certified stove technician to keep it in top shape.

No Creosote for a Chimney Sweep to Deal With

Gas is clean-burning and doesn’t produce flammable creosote like wood-burning appliances do. That means no yearly chimney sweep services to keep the unit safe.

Gas stove install in Huntsville AL

Choose the Right Gas Stove for Your Winchester, TN, Home

Our Winchester-area customers count on us to help them get the right stove that will meet their heating needs and be appropriate for the amount of square feet they need to heat. Once you select your stove, it will be professionally installed by certified and licensed stove experts who will make sure the work is performed safely and thoroughly, keeping in compliance with manufacturer’s specs and local fire-safety codes.

If more heat and unmatched ambience is what you’re after, you need to take a look at the many gas stove models available today. Start by calling us, and we’ll take care of everything. Reach an A-1 heating stove pro at (931) 967-3595 in the Winchester, Tennessee, area or (256) 285-4895 in and around Huntsville, Alabama.