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Do you need more heat in your home? Is your open masonry fireplace simply not doing a good job? Are you unsure of the best way to solve this problem? Let A-1 Chimney Specialist provide you with a powerful new zero-clearance gas or wood fireplace to bring more heat and beauty into your home. We serve Winchester, TN, Huntsville, AL, Madison, AL, Fayetteville, TN, Shelbyville, TN, and other communities throughout southern Tennessee and northern Alabama.

Zero clearance fireplace repair/install in New Market, TNWhat Is a “ZC” or Zero-Clearance Fireplace?

Commonly called “ZC fireplaces,” these appliances are pre-made by leading manufacturers and ready to be installed in a wall in your home. They’re completely self-contained and operate with their own custom venting system – there’s no need to construct a chimney to vent them. The name “zero-clearance” comes from the fact that they’re built with heavy-duty insulation, making them safe to operate in very close proximity to combustible parts of the home such as walls, beams and insulation. For this reason, both gas and wood factory-built fireplaces can be installed virtually anywhere within your home, from the main room or parlor to smaller rooms like kitchens and bedrooms.


Zero-Clearance Gas Fireplace Benefits

A new gas ZC fireplace in your Winchester, TN, home will bring you many benefits including:

  • Lots of elegant design styles to perfectly compliment your home’s décor
  • A switch brings you instant heat; a switch turns off the unit immediately
  • Heat-efficiency ratings of 60% to 70% and more mean you’ll easily triple the heat output of your current masonry fireplace
  • Gas burns clean and doesn’t require creosote removal from the vent system
  • Easy zone heating by installing smaller fireplaces in smaller rooms
  • Amazingly realistic fires with faux logs designed to look just like wood
  • Wood ZC Factory-Built Fireplace Benefits

If you prefer real wood fires, you’ll enjoy these benefits and more from a new ZC wood fireplace:

  • Choose a look and design that enhances the décor of your home
  • High heat performance with efficiency ratings upwards of 70%
  • Enjoy the aroma and sounds of real wood logs crackling and popping
  • Be mesmerized by the leaping, roaring flames that only wood logs can produce
  • Wood fireplaces are environmentally friendly – no more carbon is sent to the atmosphere when wood burns than when it decomposes in the forest
  • Easy to install in virtually any room of your home
  • Zero-Clearance Fireplace Installation in Winchester, TN/Huntsville, AL

zero clearance fireplace repair/install in Murfreesboro, TN

A-1 Chimney Specialist is here to help you determine the best ZC fireplace model that will meet your heating requirements and best serve the square footage of the space where it will be used.

We recommend highly efficient Pacific Energy and Superior wood and gas zero-clearance fireplaces for our customers throughout Winchester, Huntsville and all neighboring communities. After you’ve selected the perfect fireplace, have it installed safely, cleanly, quickly and in exact accord with the manufacturer’s recommendations and in complete compliance with city fire-safety codes.

Is it time to bring more warmth and beauty into your home? Then stop using your under-performing masonry fireplace and upgrade to a powerful new wood or gas fireplace that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Call us in the Winchester, Tennessee, area at (931) 967-3595 or in and around Huntsville, Alabama, at (256) 285-4895.