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Why You Should Avoid Leaves And Branches Over The Chimney

With the changing seasons comes beautiful fall foliage. After that, though, homeowners have quite the clean-up ahead. Falling leaves and brittle branches not only leave a hefty clean-up task, but they can also disrupt chimneys, roofs, and gutters. To prepare for this, it’s a good idea for homeowners to trim back branches and limbs prior to the leaves falling. This is especially true if they are directly above your home.

Trees near your chimney in Crossroads/Hampton Cove ALWhy limit leaves in your chimney?

You may be thinking how great dry leaves can be for starting a fire, however, that may not be the greatest thing inside. Those flammable leaves can get stuck in your chimney and cause a fire that you’re not trying to have. On the other hand, if leaves are wet and packed together, they can get musky and moldy quickly leaving a lingering smell inside your home.

Are branches also dangerous?

Dry sticks and branches are also great fire starters — especially if you’re having an outdoor fire around a fire pit. However, branches that fall into your chimney from above can be much larger than desired and cause complications to indoor fires. Additionally, branches falling from above your home can scratch and cause damage to your chimney, roof, or even siding. If you want to prevent premature wear and tear, it’s beneficial to trim back the trees above your home before the winter when snowstorms can dump heavy snow on top of trees and make branches fall.

It’s also important to note that trees above the chimney can impact the draft you feel at your home. A clear path above your chimney promotes a steady flow for smoke and gas to exit the chimney.

Chimney cap repairs in Winchester TNHow else can you prevent issues?

Sometimes it’s difficult to completely remove branches above your home. But there are other methods to minimize damage. Where there are trees above your home, it also provides an easy trail for critters to your roof, and potentially into your chimney.

  • Make sure your chimney cap is not broken and in place. A missing or damaged chimney cap is quick access for debris, such as branches and leaves, to enter. It can also cause a blockage. An inspection can help pinpoint if there are any issues with your chimney cap.
  • Make sure your chimney crown is also intact. If it’s deteriorating, not only does it allow the potential for water damage, but branches can cause more damage if it’s already started to deteriorate.

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