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Can My Chimney Be Cleaned If It Has a Bend? 

If you have a chimney with a bend, it is not a problem for our technicians at A1 Chimney Specialists. Old or new, straight or bent, we have the appropriate tools to clean your chimney. Cleaning a chimney with a bend requires specialized tools. A1 Chimney Solutions has what we need to get the job done.

scheduled inspections by qualified professionals in Tullahoma TNPreparation:

  • An inspection should take place to assess the situation. Is there a blockage in the area of the bend? This will determine exactly what type of equipment needed for the cleaning.
  • As with any chimney cleaning you will want to prepare your home for our technicians.
    • Clear a path to the fireplace.
    • Take down any decorations that could get in the way of the cleaning.
    • Have room in your driveway so that the technicians can park close to the house.
    • We love pets, but they may not be comfortable with us moving around in your home. Please secure them in an area not to confuse them.

Proper Equipment:

We will bring everything we need to complete the project. We come with the equipment needed for your type of chimney. If there is a bend in it, this is what we will carry.

  • Flexible Chimney Brush. The brush used has a flexibility to it. This allows the brush to move through the chimney. Attacking all the areas of the curve.
  • Chimney Cleaning Rods. In order for the brush to get all the way up the chimney, there has to be extension rods to give it the extra length.
  • Protection. We will protect the room that the fireplace is in. Our technicians will cover the area with drop cloths and plastic sheets. We will leave your home as we found it.

The Process:

  • Safety first. Goggles will be worn by our team.
  • The damper is closed.
  • Beginning from the bottom up the team will brush up and down through the channels of your chimney. Continue until the soot and creosote are cleaned out.
  • Any loose debris will be removed.
  • The brushing process will be repeated.

Final Inspection:

We make sure that all the debris, soot, and creosote is removed. A final inspection of the chimney is performed.

Clean up:

Once the process is complete and the homeowner is happy with the job. The team will clean up, taking care not to get any residue left in your home.

As experts, we suggest that you get an annual chimney sweep and inspection. Keeping creosote at a controlled amount for the safety of your family as well as your home.

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