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Small, But Mighty: The Many Benefits of A Chimney Cap

If you own a fireplace, then you are well aware of it’s aesthetic, warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, many miss out on these cozy nights indoors because they didn’t invest in regular fireplace and chimney maintenance.

Chimney Cap Huntsville AlabamaContrary to popular belief, your chimney faces damages in every season, not just winter. Between spring rains, summer storms, and the sleet and snow of winter, protecting your fireplace is truly a year-round job!

One piece of equipment that plays a vital role in keeping your chimney in good shape is the chimney cap. The chimney cap sits at the top of your flue, and comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so finding the appropriate fit for your system should not be a problem. Ready to learn more? Read up the benefits of a chimney cap below, then call our crew. The A-1 Chimney team is eager to help!

Preventing Water Damage

Without a well-fitted and properly installed cap in place, your chimney liner and firebox will wind up facing all kinds of leaks and water-related damages. When water enters an open chimney, it breaks down the liner and pools on the smoke shelf, triggering all kinds of decay, rot, rust, stains, and deterioration throughout your entire structure.

As you can imagine, these issues are costly and time-consuming to fix, so why not take every possible step to avoid them altogether? A chimney cap is effective, affordable, and quick to install, so reach out to our experts today to learn more.

Avoiding Animal Entry

No one wants birds, racoons, squirrels, bats, or any other visitors setting up a home for themselves in their chimney but, unfortunately, this scenario isn’t always easy to avoid. Who can blame them for wanting to raise their babies in your warm, strong structure?
Ensure they aren’t given easy access by having your chimney cap installed as soon as possible – you won’t regret it!

Keeping Out Dirt, Twigs & Other Debris

Clogs in your flue can lead to issues with draft and airflow, which inhibits your fireplace from working efficiently and puts you at a higher risk of experiencing gas leaks and house fires. If leaves, twigs, and other materials blow into your flue (or are carried in by animals building a nest), your fireplace will be unsafe for use until everything is removed.

Chimney caps keep all that debris outside, so you can light fires with the peace of mind you deserve.

Blocking Downdrafts and Stopping Sparks

If harsh winds are blowing outside, you may be prone to get some chilly downdrafts swooping in through your fireplace. A chimney cap helps to prevent these. On the flip side, they keep stray sparks and embers from moving up and out of the flue where they could potentially land on your flammable roofing materials. It’s a win-win!

Ready for our team to take a look? Call today.