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Benefits Of Installing A Chimney Cap

Fireplace maintenance is very important in chimney upkeep, and there are many steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of problems down the line. One of the best ways to reduce costly and time-consuming issues is to install a chimney cap. A certified professional will be able to find one that is best suited for your chimney and will ensure that it is installed correctly. Read on to discover just some of the many benefits you will gain by purchasing a chimney cap.

  • chimney cap huntsville alPrevent Excess Moisture: Too much moisture in your chimney will trigger a lot of problems. Water gets sucked into the brick and mortar, causing the materials that make up your chimney to freeze and expand during the winter. When temperatures eventually rise, the chimney will thaw and settle. This puts a lot of pressure on your structure, which may eventually lead to a tilted chimney or, worse yet, an entire chimney collapse. On top of this, excess moisture produces stains, rust, and various form of deterioration that cause a lot of wear throughout time.
  • Keeps Out Animals: Birds and other small critters can cause a lot of issues when it comes to chimney health. An open chimney means these creatures have easy access to your home, putting your family and your belongings in harm’s way. Also, if they build nests inside of the chimney, you will be facing all types of blockages which cause smoke and other harmful toxins to back-up into your home. On top of all this, the materials animals use for nesting is typically very flammable, meaning unwanted fires could easily occur in your chimney.
  • Lower The Risk Of Fire: When stray sparks are given free rein to go where they please, the end result is rarely good. Without a protective cover on your chimney, sparks and flames could easily ignite your roof or any materials on top of it. Chimney caps help to keep these things under control and work well to protect your roof from potentially catching fire.

Ask An Expert

When it comes to purchasing and installing a chimney cap, consulting a chimney expert is always recommended. Finding the right fit for your home is important in ensuring that the cap works as effectively as possible. A trained professional will know exactly what is best, based upon your needs, and can help to ensure that proper installation techniques are used. An improper fit or poorly installed cap could lead to a lot of frustrating issues, triggering draft problems and causing smoke to back up into the home. They can also easily blow away if not attached properly. An expert can advise you on which products will work most efficiently in your favor.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we have all of the advice and expertise you need to purchase the perfect chimney cap for your home. Give us a call or stop on by today!