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The Best Firewood For Hotter Fires

Are the fires in your fireplace failing to reach their full potential? The problem may be the wood you are using. Woods like holly, chestnut, spruce, and willow tend to provide weak flames, poor heat output, and excess smoke. For longer-lasting and more efficient fires that provide strong heat for your home, try the following types of wood for all future fireplace fires.


Birch is a popular wood to burn because it is easy to light, especially when the conditions are not ideal. It also does not produce excessive smoke, and you can rest assured that your fires will stay hot through the evening. The one setback is that birch tends to burn more quickly than others, so you may want to make sure you have some back up pieces to keep your fire fueled throughout the evening.


Anywhere you are, oak should be readily available to you. That’s what makes this choice a popular one for many! It burns slowly and will keep you and your loved ones warm for a long time, with no need to re-fuel. It also produces very little smoke and a nice fragrance, ensuring your next fire will comfortable and relaxing. If you are gearing up to build your next fire, oak is a great choice!


Maple is known for producing some good heat, with a slow and steady burn. It is easy to come by and proves to be a quality option for any fire-builders. If you are looking for a slow burn, that will produce good heat for a long time, then pick maple for your next fire.


Ash is also a great option if you are looking to get some great heat. It will produce a consistent, long-lasting flame, it does not send off many sparks, and any smoke output is minimal. The best part, though? Ash is available just about everywhere! With only a few exceptions, you can easily obtain this wood no matter your location.

Selecting Seasoned Wood

With all types of wood, you will want to make sure the logs you have selected are seasoned. All wood contains a certain amount of moisture, and pieces that have had adequate time to dry out will burn much more efficiently. Too much moisture will cause smoky fires and harder to light logs.

When purchasing wood, look for pieces that are dark and split at the ends. You will also want to ensure the logs are lightweight, and they should make a hollow, clunking noise when hit together. All of these factors are a clear indication that the wood you have chosen has dried out for quite some time and will work well in any fires that you build.

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