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The Best Time to Get Your Chimney Swept 

In the seasons when the sun can get uncomfortably hot, it’s good to recall cold weather and the welcome warmth of your fireplace. Yes, when it’s spring or summer, it’s the best time to get your chimney swept. Chimney cleaning is an important safety issue, to be sure. A myriad of other factors should also be considered. Significant money saved, hassles avoided, and regrets forestalled—all by scheduling chimney cleaning in spring or summer. Let’s get into the details.

scheduled inspections by qualified professionals in Tullahoma TNWarmly Welcome Cold Weather

When that first cold snap gives the air a significant chill, you don’t want your fireplace to be out of commission. You are smart if you don’t start a fire, though, if you aren’t certain of the chimney’s condition. Many thousands of home fires occur every fall and winter after the first fire of the season has been lit. In most cases, a dirty chimney was the culprit.

Scheduling a last-minute chimney cleaning isn’t a plan that always works, which is the next reason now is the best time to get your chimney swept.

Schedule Chimney Cleaning For Easy Access to the Best Sweeps

In the unregulated chimney cleaning industry, it’s important to schedule chimney services with certified chimney professionals (CCPs). A-1 Chimney Specialist, for example, will only send a CCP to your home. They have earned their 5-star rating on Google as well as consistent “A-1” customer reviews through the years. When fall arrives, the chances you can get a chimney cleaning on the spot are small compared to getting the job done in spring or summer.

The other sweeps out there may be scammers. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to go for a great deal on chimney cleaning only to be scammed. Being swindled is an experience to be avoided. But you may be tempted to hire questionable chimney sweeps if you choose the worst time to get your chimney swept, which is fall and winter.

The Supply-and-Demand Principle Applies

When you schedule chimney cleaning at the optimal time, you are likely to pay less for chimney cleaning services. Since most people with fireplaces tend to procrastinate, in fall and winter you are competing with a huge crowd for the best chimney sweep services. In spring and summer, you could get a cut on the cost. You can count on it that you are more likely to schedule chimney cleaning at the most convenient time in spring or summer as compared to fall or winter.

Leave Room for Needed Repairs

Chimneys are not low-maintenance structures. They are vulnerable to moisture intrusion, which opens a lot of cans of worms. The best way to cut the costs of maintenance is to keep up with annual inspections. And the best time to get your chimney swept is in spring. Chimney inspections and chimney cleaning usually go hand in hand, which is good if you schedule the services in spring–no later than mid-summer.

If you find out you need chimney cap repair, masonry repair, flashing repair, or other maintenance services, you have plenty of time to get the needed fixes. Suppose you need flue liner replacement?

schedule an inspection by Pelham TN

That’s a necessary expense before using the fireplace. With the most qualified chimney sweeps already in demand, scheduling other services with them could be a challenge if you are among the legions of procrastinators.

Contact A-1 Chimney Specialist for Chimney Cleaning

Now that you know the best time to get your chimney swept is in spring or summer, why wait? Call A-1 Chimney Specialist today. You can reach us at 931-967-3595 (in Tennessee) or 256-285-4895 (in Alabama, or by completing our online contact form.