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Should You Use a Chimney Sealant?

If you’re wondering whether you should use a chimney sealant, you may have already seen evidence of moisture damage in your masonry chimney. To better understand if you should use a chimney sealant on your masonry chimney, let’s take a closer look at moisture damage. Moisture Damage and Your Masonry Chimney What makes masonry chimneys... Read more

Signs You’ve Found A Great Chimney Sweep

To keep your chimney in good condition for years to come, you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned and inspected regularly. This means you’ll need a chimney sweep that you can trust. There are plenty of chimney sweeps on the market, but it can be difficult to determine which ones offer the best and most... Read more

What You Need To Know About The Cost Of Chimney Repairs

Regular inspections and repairs are essential for keeping your chimney in good condition. Unfortunately, many homeowners put off doing important chimney repairs because of the cost. In this article, we’ll talk about the different factors that affect the cost of your chimney repairs and what to expect. How much do chimney repairs cost? There isn’t... Read more

What Homeowners Can Do About Efflorescence

If you have a brick chimney in your home, there’s a good chance you’ve seen efflorescence on it at some point – you just may not have known what it was! Efflorescence is a white substance that builds up on your chimney over time. While it’s not dangerous, it can interfere with the look of... Read more

Should I Be Worried About Creosote Buildup?

Keeping your fireplace properly maintained is essential, especially if you use it frequently. One of the biggest things for fireplace owners to watch out for is creosote buildup. Creosote is a by-product of wood fires and can be dangerous if it isn’t removed regularly. Let’s take a closer look at what creosote actually is and... Read more