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Reasons Why Your Chimney May Be Leaking

As any homeowner knows, a small leak within your house can lead to major headaches. A lightly dripping pipe behind your wall can lead to mold. Likewise, a leaky chimney can lead to a wide range of issues, including interior damage and health problems. Here are five reasons why your chimney may be leaking. Reason... Read more

Chimney Sweeping History: How It All Began

Long ago, chimney sweeps were heroic symbols of “good hearth and good health” that restored fresh air in homes. But if they know chimney sweeping history and how it all began, chimney sweeps are surely happy their profession has evolved. After all, the person diagnosed with the first recorded case of industrial cancer in history... Read more

How Tall Should A Chimney Be?

When building a home, restoring an old chimney, or installing a fireplace system, a homeowner will sometimes wonder how tall should a chimney be. After all, a pipe is a pipe as long as the smoke has a way to escape, right? Actually, the answer is more complex than that. Let’s dive into the details... Read more

How To Know Which Cap Is Best For Your Chimney

Each component within your chimney system plays a vital role. However, there’s one in particular that, if it’s missing, is the equivalent of leaving your car windows down during a torrential downpour. We’re talking about your cap. Here’s how to know which cap is best for your chimney. Cap not crown First, we want to... Read more

Can Old Chimneys Be Repaired?

Homes 50 years old and up are dubbed historical structures, and there is value in preserving the charm of aged features. A commonsense question owners of historic homes ask is, can old chimneys be repaired? With rare exception, the answer is yes. The chimney restoration experts at A-1 Chimney Specialist specialize in fixing chimneys on... Read more