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Why Would My Chimney Be Leaking?

Are you hearing drips or spotting a puddle in your fireplace? These are telltale signs of a leaky chimney, a surprisingly common problem in Tennessee Valley’s historic towns like New Market and Winchester. Older homes are especially vulnerable due to wear and tear, but leaks can happen in any chimney. While sometimes leaking is obvious,... Read more

How To Get Soot and Ash Out of Carpet

What a devastation. You find yourself caught up in a house fire. Or there is a neighborhood fire that has created a smokey havoc in your home. What is a homeowner to do? There are ways to get soot and ash out of your carpets. We have a plan for you. Read on and learn... Read more

Consequences Of A Leaky Chimney

Here in the Tennessee Valley, our chimneys are a familiar sight, a testament to the enduring charm of our neighborhoods. Standing tall above our homes in Winchester and Huntsville, AL, they’ve weathered countless storms. But even the sturdiest chimney can succumb to the relentless assault of time and the elements. One common consequence? A leaky... Read more

Should I Know How to Remove My Fireplace Mesh Curtain?

Heat-resistant mesh curtains are important accessories for wood-burning fireplaces. It’s good to know how to remove the fireplace mesh curtain for annual cleaning. A fireplace usually makes the loveliest focal point for any room, but the sooty residue must be kept under control. The comparatively small amount of soot to be cleaned from mesh curtains... Read more

How Tall Should A Chimney Be?  

It’s all about airflow. Whether you have a fireplace or a pellet stove. If you have the wrong airflow for your chimney your home will fill with smoke. There are many factors to make your chimney work appropriately. The wood you choose must be seasoned. Good hard wood which has been seasoned over time is... Read more