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Is Your Chimney Sweep CSIA Certified?

When it comes to chimney care, many do not know how often they should schedule annual chimney maintenance. If you rarely use your chimney, getting a regular inspection may not seem important, but this is far from the truth. Nests or other debris can quickly build up and cause blockages, making it dangerous to use.... Read more

Prefab Chimneys & Fireplaces F.A.Q.

If you are wanting to add a fireplace to your home, one of your best choices is to go with a prefabricated chimney and fireplace. A factory-built fireplace is designed and manufactured according to engineers’ plans, and many choose to install a prefabricated chimney because they are affordable, safe, and come in many different styles... Read more

Your Chimney And Bird Screens

What You Need To Know When you talk with your A-1 Chimney Specialist technicians about your regular and preventative chimney care, we’ll probably focus a lot on preventing moisture from getting into and damaging your system and keeping up with your annual chimney inspections and regular chimney sweeping appointments. But moisture intrusion and creosote-lined flues... Read more

Help! My Chimney Stinks

You have noticed a strange and smelly odor in your home, and you have tracked down the source to your fireplace. Several things could be causing this smell, and when your chimney stinks so badly you can smell it in your home, it is time to call the professionals such as A-1 Chimney Specialist. We... Read more

Getting Rid of Creosote

It’s dirty. It’s sticky. It is extremely flammable. Creosote is something that is almost impossible to avoid, and is extremely harmful to your chimney. However, if you catch it in time, creosote can be removed before it sinks into the structure of your chimney. To get more information on a chimney sweep or any other... Read more