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Can A Chimney Be Too Tall Or Too Short?

Every now and then, we hear stories from people who would love to put their fireplace to use more often. From bad drafting to smoke back-up to poor heat output and more issues, countless of these problems occur to make the fire experience less than enjoyable.

If this sounds all too familiar, then it’s time to invest in an inspection from the CSIA certified team at A-1 Chimney Specialist right now. You deserve to get the most from your chimney, especially with the cooler temperatures starting to settle in. Now is the perfect time to set up your appointment to get a chimney inspection with us!

Draft & Chimney Height


Modern Ceramic Tile Roof with Chimney against the Sky extreme closeup.

Proper draft and airflow is essential when operating a fireplace, and the height of your chimney can have an effect on both of these things. There are various standards and regulations when it comes to the construction of your chimney, and certain measurements allow for optimal efficiency. Shorter chimneys tend to have more problems when it comes to drafting.

The larger your flue is, the more smoke it can exhaust, thus encouraging better airflow. How tall your chimney is, in relation to your home and the buildings surrounding it, can have a real impact on whether or not you have smoke issues and other dangers! On the flip side, another possibility of your chimney is being too tall, in which case you’ll also experience problems. Mastering the proper proportions isn’t an easy task, which is why investing in an expert is always the route to take!

We Can Set You Up Right

Issues with drafting can cause a lot of frustration on the part of the homeowner. The last thing anyone wants is smoke in their living room or poor heat output! Bad airflow also create fire hazards and lead to carbon monoxide exposure.

Reduce risk of injury and home damage by letting us troubleshoot the issue right away. No matter what the problem is with your chimney, we can resolve it. Our sweeps know the ins and outs of chimney systems better than anyone else, and we’ve got two decades of experience. There’s simply no better team to trust than us!

We also perform annual inspections and sweepings, guaranteeing you countless great burning seasons year after year. Or, if you need a new part installed, we can handle that, too! Call us today at 931-967-3595, so you can experience a safer and more enjoyable holiday season!