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Can Old Chimneys Be Repaired?

Homes 50 years old and up are dubbed historical structures, and there is value in preserving the charm of aged features. A commonsense question owners of historic homes ask is, can old chimneys be repaired? With rare exception, the answer is yes. The chimney restoration experts at A-1 Chimney Specialist specialize in fixing chimneys on historic homes. They even know how to repair timeworn chimneys left in shambles.

Chimney Liner Installation in Huntsville ALNo Liner in Old Chimneys

It was determined decades ago that it is extremely dangerous to use a fireplace when the chimney does not have a protective liner. Many old chimneys pre-date the federal law requiring chimneys to be equipped with a flue liner. A fireplace should never be used if there is no chimney lining or if the flue liner has even a small crack. The installation of a stainless-steel liner is often recommended where no liner exists.

Chimneys built with liners typically have clay tiles, which are both durable and cost-effective when installed during the building process. Once they start to crack and crumble, though, the sensible solution is to add a stainless steel liner. That’s because installing replacement tiles involves partial teardown and rebuilding of the chimney masonry.

Missing Mortar

If the mortar between the bricks on an old chimney is missing or deteriorating, masonry repair is needed. Tuckpointing is a process that can replace the mortar and the chimney’s structural integrity while leaving the masonry in place.

When the lack of protective mortar has allowed moisture to enter the chimney system, a partial or complete chimney rebuild is needed instead. On historic homes, the original masonry should be used to maintain overall character and charm. This type of work is best left to skilled chimney masons who can also ensure optimal chimney operations.

A Leaning Chimney

Can old chimneys be repaired even if the chimney is leaning? Yes, though it involves a full or partial rebuild. Chimney masons with experience working on historic homes provide the best results, providing a historic look with modern functionality. A leaning chimney is a danger because the excessive weight can easily result in a collapse that could cause injury and more extensive damage.

Even Never-Used Chimneys Need Repair

It is a misconception to think chimney repair is unneeded because the fireplace isn’t used. Experts agree that annual chimney inspections are important even if a fireplace is no longer in use.

Masonry Chimney Tuckpointing and Repointing Services in Fayetteville TNThat’s chiefly because chimney structures are vulnerable to moisture. Once moisture gets into a brick, it is destined to go flat. Chimney leaks can occur, and the chimney will start leaning sooner or later.

A1 Chimney Specialist Repairs & Restores Old Chimneys

Many homeowners in Tennessee and Alabama who have asked, “can old chimneys be repaired” have learned that they surely can. That’s thanks to reliable chimney services provided by the chimney masonry technicians at A1 Chimney Specialist. Contact A-1 today by phone at 931-967-3595 (TN) or 256-285-4895 (AL). You can also reach us through our convenient online contact form.