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What are the Causes of Chimney Crown Cracks?

Over time, you might start to notice cracks in the crown on top of your chimney. If you notice any damage to your chimney crown, it’s important to address it right away to prevent it from getting worse. But what causes these chimney cracks in the first place? Here are some of the biggest causes of chimney crown cracks and what you can do to prevent them.

Cracked Chimney Crown, Madison AL What is a chimney crown?

Chimney crowns are thick slabs of concrete that sit on top of your chimney. They are sloped, which forces water from rain and snowstorms to flow off of your chimney instead of into it. Most crowns are made using concrete, but they can also be made from other waterproof materials like stone or metal. Although they are very simple, crowns are essential for keeping your chimney in good condition. The crown prevents rain, snow, and ice from getting inside the chimney and causing long-term damage. Additionally, the chimney crown prevents pests and debris from falling inside your chimney.



What causes cracking in chimney crowns?

There are a variety of factors that can cause your chimney crown to crack. One of the biggest causes of cracked crowns is weather damage. Temperature changes can cause the concrete to expand and contract, which makes the cracks larger. As the cracks get bigger, water can seep inside and cause further instability. If you live in an area that is prone to seismic activity, small
earthquakes could also cause your chimney to crack. Chimney crowns can also crack as a result of improper installation and maintenance. If the seal isn’t applied properly to the crown, it may start to detach from the chimney over time. Chimney
crowns that aren’t made with durable materials are also more likely to break down with extra stress. A lack of regular maintenance can also cause your chimney crowns to crack. Over time, your entire chimney can start to shift or deteriorate, which can cause the crown to crack. This is particularly common for older chimneys that haven’t been updated.

Professional Chimney Inspection, Fayetteville TNHow can I prevent my chimney crown from cracking?

The best way to prevent your chimney crown from cracking is to have it inspected every year. A chimney professional can look for small cracks and other signs of damage that you might not see on your own. They will also be able to recommend any necessary repairs to keep the damage from getting worse. Ideally, you’ll want to have these inspections done before the winter starts so you can make any necessary repairs before the temperature drops.

It’s very important to address any form of chimney damage while it is still minor. Minor chimney repairs are much easier and more affordable than having to completely replace it or make major structural changes.

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