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Why Good Chimney Flashing Is Important

You may not have heard about all the components of your chimney and fireplace. This article will discuss the Chimney Flashing and why it is so important.

Chimney Flashing Installs in Pelham TNThe chimney flashing is the component that secures the area where the chimney meets the roof. The reason there is flashing is to provide a seal where the chimney meets the roof. It plays an important part in the chimney. Without the flashing, water would get into your roof. This can cause all types of water damage to your home. It is important to have a secure flashing. Below are some signs that you are in need of repair:

Water stains.

If you are seeing water stains around your chimney you may have an issue with your flashing. The flashing, as mentioned plays an intricate part in keeping your home dry. If water stains are seen on the ceiling in your home, chances are it is coming from your chimney.

Flashing is not secure

The flashing should fit around your chimney tight. If the flashing has come loose or is damaged in any way, water can seep down between the flashing and the chimney. This can cause water damage to your home. Call A1 Chimney Specialists right away. Repairing the flashing as soon as possible is important to avoid any further damage.

  • Excessive wear on the roof. If your roof seems to be losing its integrity sooner than anticipated, it may be due to an issue with the flashing. Again, if water is finding a way between the flashing and exposing your roof to water, there can be unexpected wear. A sure sign that there is an issue is loose roof tiles near the chimney.
  • Damaged Flashing. Take a look at the chimney. If you notice visible damage, it’s time to contact A1 Chimney Specialists for repair. The flashing can become bent or visible peeling. These are reasons that you may be seeing water damage as well.

Different Parts Of Flashing, Know Before You Invest.

  • Base flashing- This is the part of the flashing that sits on top of the roof. It is secure with a layer of roofing cement.
  • Step flashing- A metal piece that sits over the base layer and up the chimney. This piece is placed over the first layer resembling a step.
  • Counter flashing- The top layer of the flashing. It is attached securely to the chimney’s mortar joints. It completely covers the step flashing. It is an additional barrier to protect from water intrusion.

Professional Chimney Service in Tullahoma TN

Water damage is a serious business

If the damage is not seen early on, you can find yourself with a very costly repair. If something doesn’t look right or you are seeing some of the signs above, it is time to contact us.

Whether it is for an issue with your flashing, or you need a sweep. A1 Chimney Specialists is the team to call. You can reach us in Tennessee at 931-967-3595 or in Alabama at 256-285-4895.

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