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Enjoy Greater Efficiency, Cleaner Burn & Effortless Relaxation And Warmth With A New Gas Insert Or Gas Log Set

Cold, rainy days and clear, frigid nights can have us craving the company of hot soup, cinnamon tea, and a soft blanket. But the most comforting thing when you just can’t seem to lose the chill is the radiant warmth of a roaring fire. The question is, who wants to put in more work at the end of a long, cloudy day or cold night when you could enjoy a fire without lifting a finger?

With a gas insert or a new set of gas logs, that radiant comfort can be yours with the flip of a switch. No trips outside to get more wood, no ash cleanup, and no work to get the fire started.

This ease of use has made gas appliances incredibly popular with today’s homeowners, but there are a few other reasons to choose gas. Gas appliances are:

  • Clean-burning and efficient — There’s a lot of talk today about the environment and what we can do to protect our planet for future generations. Because gas appliances are so efficient, clean-burning, and produce so few emissions, more and more homeowners are choosing to minimize their carbon footprint by choosing a gas appliance. With gas, you get fewer emissions, less waste, and less environmental guilt.
  • Realistic — In the past, gas appliances were mainly looked down upon because they didn’t look real. Logs were bulky and fake looking, and the flame pattern and fire itself wasn’t believable either. Today, that’s no longer a concern. Modern log sets are molded from actual wood molds and hand painted to resemble real logs. The fire and flame patterns themselves have also greatly improved to more closely resemble an actual wood fire.

Here at A-1 Chimney Specialist, we’re big advocates of gas inserts and gas log sets, and we’re proud to sell, install, and service the best the industry has to offer. If you have a busy lifestyle and wish you could enjoy a roaring, warming fire without the effort or the mess, consider having our team install a new gas insert or gas log set in your home.

We Sell & Install The Industry’s Best Direct Vent Gas Inserts

Worried about losing heat up the chimney or experiencing cold downdrafts? With a gas insert, you’ll never have to worry about either again. Direct vent gas inserts are firebox systems which are installed inside of your existing masonry fireplace. These inserts have one pipe which draws combustion air inside and another pipe for venting the appliance to the outside. Because of this direct-vent technology, these inserts don’t require a working chimney — they can be vented directly through a wall or through the roof of your home — and they eliminate downdrafts and heated air loss completely.


If your existing fireplace is messy, inefficient, wasteful, or unsafe for use, a direct vent gas insert can be a game changer.

For Realistic Flames, Look No Further Than Our Vented Gas Logs

Looking to convert that wood fireplace to gas? Vented gas logs are a great option! These are installed inside of your masonry fireplace and can make it easy for you to enjoy your large, open hearth, without the work of building a fire every time you want to relax.

How are these different from vent-free gas logs?

Unlike vent-free gas logs, vented gas logs rely on your chimney to vent any byproducts. Because these are vented through your chimney, they don’t require the installation of a CO2 detector. Vented gas logs also provide a much more realistic flame pattern. The flames are taller and wrap around the logs in a way that resembles a real wood fire.

From Installation To Maintenance, Our CSIA Certified Technicians Can Help

Are you ready to upgrade your hearth with a highly-efficient, clean-burning, easy to enjoy gas insert or gas log set? First, give us a call to schedule a chimney inspection with a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified A-1 Chimney Specialist technician. We’ll check your system from top to bottom and make sure it’s ready for your new addition or upgrade. We’ll also let you know if any repairs need to be made before you choose your next hearth appliance.

Once you find the perfect gas insert or gas log set for your hearth, we’ll provide fast, expertly-executed installation, and let you know what needs to be done each year to keep your system working as safely and as effectively as it should.

Ready to get started? Give us a call or click here to request an appointment online today!

We also install prefabricated chimney and fireplaces in addition to all our other installations and chimney product offerings.

  • review rating 5  Not like the cable guys! A-1 Chimney was timely and informative from the start! Phone calls to let you know who, what , when and we’re they were going to be from your scheduled appointment time. Great level of professionalism when they arrived and was knowledgeable of our needs and their solutions. I would highly recommend a small business over the big guys because you are a customer, not a corporate bottom line. As a side note..... good to see a young staff learning a trade. All three of the young gentlemen that were here are supporting that trade. “Ahhh it’s just a fireplace” What do you rely on in a power outage? Emergency heat........... Your fireplace! Thanks A-1..... See you again!

    thumb Nick Bohaychyk
  • review rating 4  Good service but EXPENSIVE. They were prompt and did a good job, but the cost was $40 more than the companies in Nashville.

    thumb Bevo H
  • review rating 5  These two gentlemen were very courteous, prompt, professional, and helpful. They provided the service we needed. We will rely on them for future chimney needs!

    thumb James Bateman
  • review rating 5  A1 Did an excellent job of inspecting my fireplace and chimney. Very professional and very knowledgeable.

    thumb Arlen Naffziger
  • review rating 5  Without reservation, I would recommend A1 Chimney for any of your fireplace and chimney needs. I had them inspect and clean a chimney on two different houses and found them to be very thorough and most professional. They are very cognizant of keeping your house clean and left no mess at all. Their knowledge also instills confidence in their work, and their many years of experience are evident. Nothing less than 5 stars for this wonderful company.

    thumb Clive Wasson


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