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Off-Season Chimney Repairs & Maintenance

During the summer, you’re probably focusing more on enjoying the warm weather outside rather than thinking about your fireplace. However, the summer is actually the perfect time to conduct chimney repairs and maintenance so that your fireplace is ready to go when the winter hits. Here’s what you should do in the off-season to keep your chimney in great shape all year long.

Chimney Inspections in Sewanee, TNSchedule A Professional Cleaning and Inspection

If you use a wood-burning fireplace regularly throughout the winter, you’re likely going to have some creosote buildup on the walls of your chimney. Creosote is a highly flammable byproduct of wood fires, and you’ll need a professional to remove it once it’s hardened in your chimney. Even if you have a gas fireplace rather than a wood-burning one, it’s still helpful to schedule a cleaning each year, as dust and debris can build up over time.

It’s also important to have your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned at least once per year, and summer is the perfect time to do it. A professional chimney sweep can identify any problems with your chimney that you might not notice on your own.

They will then make recommendations for any repairs you might need.

Close Your Damper

For wood-burning fireplaces, it’s very important to keep your damper closed throughout the summer. If you leave your damper open, you’ll let air flow freely into the house, which could send your energy bills skyrocketing. Closing your damper also prevents bugs and other critters from making their way in through the chimney.

You’ll also want to make sure your damper is actually closing properly. Dampers in older fireplaces often wear down over time and can even rust if you live in a humid area. The summer is a perfect time to replace a broken damper.

Install or Replace Chimney Caps and Liners

Chimney caps and liners are both very helpful for protecting your chimney from the elements. A chimney cap is a metal mesh cover that sits on top of your chimney to keep moisture and debris from getting in while letting smoke and air out. A chimney liner is a metal or ceramic sheet that covers the entire interior of your chimney to protect the brick and mortar.

Many older homes don’t have these chimney features, so the summer is the perfect time to install them. If your chimney cap or liner has been damaged during the winter, summer is also the perfect time to replace and upgrade them.

Chimney Brick Repair and Rebuilding in Madison, ALFix Damaged Brick and Mortar

Even with regular maintenance, the brick and mortar in your chimney can shift over time, especially when exposed to moisture. If the brick and mortar in your chimney is damaged, you’ll want to make repairs during the summer to prevent further damage in the winter.

Chimney repairs should be done by a professional, as most of these tasks are too dangerous to DIY. If you’re in southern middle Tennessee or the Tennessee Valley, now’s the time to schedule your off-season chimney repairs with A1 Chimney Specialists. Contact us at 931-967-3595 in Tennessee or 256-285-4895 in Alabama to learn more or make an appointment.