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Chimney Repairs to Make Before Winter

There’s a chill in the air but it’s not too late to work on chimney repairs before the cold weather gets the best of you. If you have been putting repairs off through summer, now is probably the best time to get into action. Here are a few projects that definitely should be done while the weather is warm.

Chimney Rebuilding Madison, ALChimney Rebuilding

There are a few tasks that can be taken care of no matter the season, but warm weather is always preferred, not just for comfort but because of “curing” time. This refers to the time it takes for the new mortar and brick to fully settle and dry before it’s ready for a fire. A rebuilt chimney can take up to 28 days to fully cure. Using the fireplace before this time could result in cracking. In the winter a newly built chimney would also be susceptible to water damage. This is why if you know your chimney needs to be rebuilt, the best time to do it is well before cold weather arrives.

Any Masonry Work

Maybe you’d like to add something decorative to your chimney or repair brickwork. For the same reasons above, you should always take care of any masonry work before the cold sets in. For example, during a type of repair called “tuckpointing” old mortar is removed and replaced with new mortar. Doing this during the cold weather would most likely damage the new brick.

Chimney Crown Repairs – A chimney crown covers the top of your chimney and is made of cement, the edges slope downwards allowing water to flow away from the chimney to prevent damage. Chimney crowns can become cracked and chipped but can easily be repaired by using a cement material to fill in the gaps. The crown is then coated with a waterproof sealant as a preventative measure against further damage. Crown repair should not be done in the winter for the reasons already mentioned. If you don’t want to see your hard-earned money wasted, take care of chimney crown repairs before freezing temperatures set in.

Chimney Inspection Franklin County, TNDo you need a professional opinion?

Sometimes water damage is not directly apparent. If you are uncertain about the condition of your chimney, consider a chimney inspection. A certified professional will inspect the inside and outside of your chimney, along with all the parts that keep your chimney functioning properly. They will search for any signs of water or structural damage and make you aware of any dangers.
If you need the job done quickly and you need it done right the best idea is to call a professional.

The truth is most people procrastinate and will want a cleaning before they light the first fire of winter, this could make it more difficult to get the services you need. By getting your chimney cleaned or inspected early, you will be ahead of the game. Our technicians stand ready to assist you, call us today or contact us online for any chimney questions or services.