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Reasons Your Chimney Smells

Have you ever gone on vacation to a lake house or a ski lodge? You walk in the door, and you get a big whiff of something unpleasant. Chances are it is coming from the fireplace. There are many things that can cause your fireplace to let off odors that are unpleasant. Let’s talk about the reasons and then how to avoid these smells in your home.

What Are Some Of The Reasons Your Fireplace Has An Odor?

Professional Chimney Sweeping and inspection in Owens Crossroads /Hampton Cove ALCreosote build-up

Depending on how often you have a fire in your fireplace determines how much creosote will build up. As creosote collects on the inner lining of your fireplace, the smells accumulate as well. When it rains you smell that burnt fire smell or creosote.

Water and Condensation

Moisture often seeps into your chimney. You may have cracks in the masonry. The chimney cap may be off or misplaced. Water can seep into your chimney in many ways. Once there is moisture, mildew and mold they can accumulate causing unwanted smells.

Small Animals and Critters

As in any little crevice of your home, you are bound to find visitors. Let’s try to keep them out the best we can as they can be smelly. Small animals are in search of a warm place to hide or hibernate. Unfortunately, they may die in your chimney or build a nest. Either way, this can bring unwanted smells to your home.


Leaves and twigs continue to fall into your chimney. Animals have been known to nest in chimneys. They are looking for a warm place to shelter. Once they build a nest, they leave debris, waste, and decaying food. This along with the accumulation of debris can cause a smell in your chimney.

Airflow issues

New homes are very well sealed. This sometimes is good, but when you have a fireplace it may not be the best for airflow. When a draft comes into the house it comes right down the chimney bringing the smells along with it.


There are some very simple solutions to many of these incidents. We at A1 Chimney can help with them. Call us to book a yearly chimney sweep. A sweep will clean out your chimney of creosote as well as any collection of debris.

Professional Chimney Inspection and Repair in fayetteville tn

If water is your problem, we are experts at masonry repair. Call us for an inspection. We will be able to give you a complete evaluation of the need for repair. Whether it is masonry, chimney cap, or liner that needs work, A1 Chimney is the call to make.

Regarding airflow, an open window or door may be the solution. If this is an ongoing issue we at A1 Chimney can install a top-sealing damper. An inspection will be able to give you options on the solution to your situation.

We provide chimney inspections and chimney sweeping. Maintenance, repair, installation, custom chimney caps, masonry repair, flashing, and dryer vent cleaning. We serve the areas of Southern Middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley.

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