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Should I Close My Fireplace For Summer?

With the warm weather and long sunny days, it’s understandable that your fireplace isn’t at the top of your mind during the summer months. However, you shouldn’t completely neglect your fireplace during the summer – you’ll want to make sure it’s still in good condition when winter rolls around.

One common question we get is whether you should close your fireplace during the summer or not? The answer is yes in most cases – we recommend closing your damper when your fireplace is not in use. The only instance where you should keep your fireplace open is if you have a set of gas logs. In this case, keeping your damper open prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are many reasons why you should keep your fireplace closed during the summer – here’s what to consider.

Chimney Damper Repair, Coffee County, TNChimney dampers keep debris out.

Even if you have a cap on top of your chimney, it’s still possible for moisture and small pieces of debris to make their way through. If you don’t have a chimney cap, it’s also possible for bugs and even animals to make their way into your fireplace.

If you don’t keep your damper closed, these pieces of debris and pests can easily make their way into your home. Bugs and other pests can already be a problem during the summer months, so keeping your damper closed can help prevent it from getting worse.

Closing your fireplace keeps your space cool.

Keeping your home cool during the summer can be a major challenge. If you keep your damper open, your air conditioner will have to work much harder to keep your space at a comfortable temperature. This can result in higher energy bills, and warm, humid air from outside can still make its way into your space.

A closed fireplace prevents chimney odors.

A common chimney myth is that you should keep your damper open to air things out and minimize unpleasant smells. However, the opposite is actually true during the summer months. This is because drafts of humid air that push down through the chimney can actually make smoky or musky smells more intense. This means that a closed fireplace will actually keep your fireplace smelling fresher.

Chimney Inspection Grundy County, TNHow To Close Your Fireplace

Closing the damper on your fireplace should be very easy. If you have a throat damper, you can close it using the lever above the firebox. Some chimneys have top-mount dampers, which close using a chain. If you have a gas fireplace, make sure to turn off the pilot light as well.

It’s also very important to make sure you schedule a yearly chimney inspection and cleaning. Hiring a chimney professional can help you catch any potential problems before they get out of control. If you need a chimney inspection in southern middle Tennessee or the Tennessee Valley, A1 Chimney Specialist can help! Give us a call at 931-967-3595 in Tennessee or 256-285-4895 in Alabama.