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Common Mistakes Fireplace Owners Make

Fireplaces add an unbeatable atmosphere to any living space. They bring family and friends together with their warm and welcoming aesthetic. In addition, the wide array of design and style options mean that anyone can find the perfect fit for their personal tastes. Yet, owning a fireplace also requires a lot of responsibility of the part of the homeowner. Check out these more common mistakes the fireplace owners typically make. Do your best to avoid them down the line!

Skipping An Annual Inspection

Annual Chimney Inspection Huntsville ALScheduling annual inspections is a vital part in maintaining the health of your chimney and fireplace. Annual inspections are the most effective way to protect your brickwork and prevent chimney fires from occurring. Your certified chimney sweep can check for blockages and creosote accumulation, as well. All of these steps help you avoid deterioration and debris build-up in the future.

Not Scheduling Repairs

If any repairs are needed in your chimney or fireplace, scheduling them as soon as possible will benefit you a lot in the long run. Consulting with a chimney sweep about the best possible ways to approach any cracks, holes, or deterioration will be the best option for keeping your chimney standing strong for years to come.

Also, fixing these issues sooner, rather than later, will save you money and stress down the line. The longer problems persist, the worse they become. Plus, the more expensive the repairs will be. On top of all this, letting problems go unresolved leads to a higher risk of chimney settlement or collapse. This puts your home and family at risk of injury.

Dismissing Smoke Detector Maintenance

Smoke detectors play a huge role in keeping homes and families safer throughout the year. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors often are the first or only ways people are alerted to dangerous situations in their home. They can make all the difference in whether or not everyone gets out safely, should a fire occur or harmful toxins be present in the area.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in various places of your home to ensure any potential dangers are detected. They should be located on every level of the home, outside every sleeping area, and in every bedroom. In addition, you will also want to keep them away from windows. This is to ensure no drafts or winds interfere with their operation.

Also, be sure you are testing your detectors at least once a month to ensure they are working properly. You also will want to replace the batteries on a regular basis, too. Not to mention, don’t forget to replace the detector itself every decade, even if it appears to be working properly!

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