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This Danger is Silent

All About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Have you experienced unexplainable bouts of nausea, feeling light-headed especially when you’re inside and magically feeling a lot better when you are outside your home where you can breathe in fresh air? You may have been poisoned by carbon monoxide – an odorless, tasteless and unseen gas circulating in your very home slowly destroying your body and its immune system. Believe it or not, keeping your chimney regularly cleaned and inspected can help prevent this scenario.

co2The Reason Behind It

Basically, carbon monoxide forms when there is no fresh air coming inside the house. This is usual when Winter arrives because we all want to keep ourselves cozy once the temperatures start to drop. Carbon monoxide can come as a by-product from combustion in our fireplaces or furnaces when there is not enough available oxygen to complement the carbon component to form the lesser evil carbon dioxide gas instead. When we forget to do the necessary preparations to ensure that our furnaces function well, we are causing danger to ourselves and the whole family. This greatly increases the risk of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

CO2 Inside You

Carbon monoxide in the body can be very harmful. It clings to your red blood cells and takes the place of oxygen thus preventing the body from getting enough nutrients. This eventually causes bigger and even permanent damage. Doctors usually have difficulty diagnosing this since the symptoms are, more often than not, very similar to that of a typical flu. The symptoms that do stand out are these and they may happen from the start of exposure:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Trouble in Breathing
  • Unconsciousness

Unfortunately, death is very possible even within a span of twenty minutes if there is already too much exposure to it. Yes, carbon monoxide can kill you.

Prevention & Restoration

To better know if this silent killer exists in your home it’s best to have carbon monoxide detectors. This equipment will help you see if this dangerous poison is starting to linger in your home. We also recommend annual check-up and sweeping of your chimney and fireplace. This can help you see what needs to be fixed, replaced and renewed.

At A1 Chimney Specialists, we highly regard the safety of your home and the health of the people living inside. Since the year 2000 and until today, we continue to serve the people of Tullahoma and Winchester Tennessee, gaining many loyal customers through quality service. With us, your safety is always a guarantee.