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Fall Inspiration for Your Fireplace 

With the arrival of fall, and its cooler weather, many people are inspired to decorate, especially where a fireplace is concerned. A fireplace with its mantle and inviting hearth make an ideal place to decorate for fall. So, let’s look at some fall inspirations for your fireplace.

decorate your fireplace for fall in Sewanee TNLess is More

When you decorate your fireplace for fall, it is best to keep it simple to match the aesthetic of fall itself. You don’t want to clutter your fireplace’s mantle with garish nick-nacks. Instead, use things such as autumn leaves, small pumpkins (real or plastic), small scarecrows, or signs with fall slogans.

When decorating your mantle, you should limit how much you place on it. Why? Too many items on your mantle could accidentally get knocked off and become a fire hazard. Be sure that you don’t place any flammable liquids or materials on your fireplace.

Make the Fireplace the Center of Autumn

At the same time you’re decorating your fireplace, you can make the fireplace the focal point of your room. Arrange your furniture around the fireplace so your family and guests can feel its warmth. Your fireplace will also become the focal point of conversation in much the same way a campfire inspires conversation. Be sure not to place your furniture too close to the fireplace so that a hot ember won’t float land on a sofa or chair and start a blaze.

Match Your Room for Fall

Many big box stores and arts and crafts retailers have pumpkins and other fall décor to match the room. There are a multitude of colors and patterns to brighten your fall. You can even find football-themed fall decorations for the fan in your home.

Safety First in the Fall

Be sure that your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors have fresh batteries in case a fire starts outside the fireplace or the deadly gas doesn’t invade your home. Your family and pet’s safety should always be your first thought before lighting a fire.

Get Your Chimney Ready for Fall

In addition to decorating your fireplace, you should ensure your chimney is structurally sound and in good working order. Spalling bricks or a blocked flue can wreak havoc. Spalling means your chimney has absorbed water and risks a collapse.

Chimney inspections in Monteagle TN

A blocked chimney can lead to a fire or fumes being forced back into your home. It just makes sense to hire a qualified chimney sweeper to inspect and clean your chimney.

If any repairs are needed, a written quote will be given to you outlining what needs to be done. Act now before the late fall, early winter busy season.

A-1 Chimney Specialist Will Get Your Chimney Ready for Fall

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