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Why Gas Fireplaces Need To Be Serviced

You probably already know that there are two styles of fireplaces –- wood burning and gas burning. Those who choose gas-burning fireplaces over wood burning do so because of convenience. For example, gas fireplaces turn on instantaneously and they are considered to be cleaner than their wood-burning counterpart because they create no ash and smoke as wood fireplaces do. So, does a gas fireplace need to be cleaned?

gas fireplace cleaning, hazel green alabamaThe answer is yes. It is true that a gas fireplace does not generate smoke or ash so there is no creosote buildup in the chimney. Still, gas fireplaces cause soot that can collect on the walls of the chimney, and that soot is highly corrosive. If not tended to it can eat away at the metal lining of a chimney resulting in leaks that could permit carbon monoxide to get into your home. And, as is the case with chimneys that have wood-burning fireplaces, animals and debris can deposit on the chimney walls and result in blockages that prevent the fireplace from clearing the gas residue.

For this reason, it is imperative that you have your chimney as well as the fireplace cleaned regularly. The cleaning should include the gas logs, the fireplace itself and the gas inserts whether they are vented or not. Dust and debris that break off of the ceramic logs can also collect inside the fireplace system. After a period of time the dust and debris can block vents and other working parts of the fireplace, causing it to operate inefficiently and malfunction or stop working.

Another reason for cleaning the gas fireplace is to leave it looking clean and attractive.

Maintaining A Gas Fireplace

It is recommended that you hire a professional chimney sweeper to clean your gas fireplace and chimney. A1 Chimney Specialists is a professional fireplace cleaner that services the southern middle Tennessee and Tennessee Valley region. We not only provide cleaning services, but also chimney repair, insert and stove sales, and even masonry repair.

gas fireplace inspection, shelbyville tn

A representative of A1 Chimney Specialists will come to your home and start with removing the spent logs inside the fireplace. The entire fireplace is then cleaned and dusted using high-powered brushes to clean out the soot from the fireplace and the chimney. As he cleans, the technician will inspect the whole fireplace system including the gaskets, blowers, pilot light, the chimney, and all connections as well as the door glass and seals. The cleaning process doesn’t just clean the fireplace and chimney; it assures that all components of the gas system operate safely and efficiently. This process assures that carbon monoxide won’t seep into your home, that the system won’t burn more gas than is necessary and makes sure that the entire system works properly and does not stop.

Visit our website or call us to arrange for an appointment for one of our representatives to come out to your home and inspect your gas fireplace system and chimney. If the representative determines that they need cleaning he will perform the task.

Finally, to make the process easier every year, we can schedule a yearly maintenance visit to your home. Prior to when the day arrives, we will contact you to remind you of the appointment and then send a technician to your home on the scheduled day.