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Gas Fireplace Troubleshooting

gas fireplace inserts, huntland tnWith their cleaner-burning fuel, low maintenance, and ease of use, gas fireplaces are not only one of the most popular heating appliances, but they are also one of the most frequently used in the home. Even when it’s not cold outside, many families turn the gas fireplace on low to create a warm ambiance and enjoy the flames while relaxing or entertaining. However, if you are experiencing an issue with your gas fireplace, the following troubleshooting tips may help solve the problem.

Gas Fireplace Doesn’t Turn On

There could be several reasons your gas fireplace isn’t going on when flipping the switch or using your remote.

Do you have gas?

It may seem obvious, but many service technicians have found an empty propane tank a common problem. So, check to ensure your propane tank has gas. If it’s empty, refill the tank, and your fireplace should light up.

If your fireplace is connected to a natural gas line, verify that your service is active and that the main gas valve for your house is in the On and Open position.

Check the fireplace gas valve

There is also a gas valve inside the fireplace that should be in the On and Open position for gas to flow to the fireplace. Sometimes homeowners shut the gas valve when not using the fireplace and forget to turn it back on.

Check the circuit breakers

The electronic ignition that lights the fireplace requires electricity to operate. When a storm or other event causes a power surge, it will trip the circuit breaker to prevent damage to its internal electrical system. This is easy to check. First, open your main fuse box and see if the circuit breaker for the fireplace was tripped off. If it is, flip it back On.

The Pilot Isn’t Lighting

The pilot light can blow out for several reasons. For example, there may have been a strong downdraft, an interruption in the gas line or LP tank, dust build-up, or an electrical issue. First, clean the area around the pilot light to remove any dust or build-up. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual for re-lighting the pilot. If the pilot light still isn’t lighting or won’t stay lit, the thermocouple or thermopile may need to be repaired or replaced. Depending on your gas fireplace model, it will have either a thermocouple or a thermopile that sits between the igniter and pilot light. The thermocouple/thermopile generates electricity to ignite the gas fireplace and maintain the desired thermostat setting when a specific temperature is reached.

Gas Fireplace Isn’t Igniting

If your pilot light is on and the fireplace is sparking or won’t ignite at all, it may be due to a fault in the igniter or wiring. First, try clearing away any dust or debris in the area between the thermocouple/thermopile and igniter. Then, if the fireplace still doesn’t ignite, a professional gas fireplace service technician may need to replace the igniter.

Burner Flames are Low

Although propane and natural gas are cleaner-burning fuels, corrosive residue can clog several burner ports resulting in a low flame. Professional fireplace cleaning should solve the problem; otherwise, the burner may need to be replaced.

Gas Fireplace Has a Bad Odor

A strong obnoxious odor that smells like “rotten eggs” indicates a possible gas leak. When that occurs, don’t delay. Instead, get everyone out of the house and call the gas company or 9-1-1 immediately so they can send a.

Other bad odors are often due to dust, debris, or moisture in the fireplace, chimney, or vent. Finally, a burning smell is a possible indicator of an electrical issue and a fire hazard, so the fireplace should be turned off until inspected by a certified fireplace technician.

gas fireplace services, hazel green alGas Fireplace Repairs and Service

When you’re having problems with your gas fireplace, it’s often best to call the professionals instead of trying to fix it yourself. Our certified technicians will solve your gas fireplace issues with our fast service and expert repairs throughout the Southern and Middle Tennessee Valley region, including in the Huntsville, AL area.