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How to Get Rid of the Fireplace Smell

Odor annoyance is linked to anxiety, diminished mental health, and decreased well-being. So, knowing how to get rid of an unpleasant fireplace smell in your home could be important! Yes, even the supreme enjoyment of a fireplace can suffer if chimney odors begin to leak into your home. Read on to learn what causes bad fireplace smells and how to eliminate the problem.

professional chimney sweeps in Madison, ALHow to Get Rid of Your Fireplace Smell

Chimneys are not as unobtrusive as they may seem. The source of foul odors that emanate from the fireplace is usually the chimney. You may be surprised at the complicated answer to the question: why does my chimney smell so bad? There are quite a few possibilities, and it can take the help of an experienced chimney sweep to get to the root of the issue. The following are among the most common reasons for chimney odors, and keep in mind that how to get rid of the fireplace smell depends on the cause of it.

Creosote and Soot Buildup

Creosote and soot can build up in your chimney if annual maintenance is neglected. Wood fires produce creosote in chimney flues. Layer upon layer of creosote can eventually cause a chimney obstruction. It is not unusual to discover that an excessive amount of creosote in the chimney has resulted in a smelly fireplace.

Creosote causes more serious problems than offensive smells. For instance, the tar-like substance is highly flammable, and it causes thousands of chimney fires every year. Schedule an annual chimney cleaning to minimize the odors and dangers associated with creosote.

Animals in the Chimney

How nervous might you be if you found out that snakes, raccoons, bats, squirrels, and mice had free access to your home? These are just a few of the many types of creatures that have been removed from chimneys. The worst-case scenario is when a creature gets into your chimney, unknown to you, and then can’t get back out.

It doesn’t take the decomposition of an animal to get your attention, however. Bad smells can result from animal waste. Always call a qualified chimney sweep for the removal of animals and animal debris from your chimney. Your trusted chimney technician can also install a chimney cap with mesh at the top of your chimney. The mesh will keep animals from gaining access to your chimney.

Nature’s Deposits

If you don’t have a chimney cap with mesh, nature can wreak havoc inside your chimney. A simple pile of leaves in your chimney could end up being the cause of a smelly fireplace. Leaves and twigs could also cause a hazardous chimney fire or an obstruction that exposes your family to carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes. Every winter, schedule a chimney cleaning before starting your first fire. Chimney cleaning includes the removal of obstructions, such as leaves and creosote.

Chimney Backdrafts

If you have a back drafting issue in your chimney, it can result in a campfire smell in your home. Backdrafts have many different causes, such as negative pressure and damper problems. While a chimney sweep is troubleshooting the cause of your smelly fireplace, the solution to a chimney backdraft may end up being needed.

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Call A-1 Chimney to Solve Chimney Odors

Finding out how to get rid of a bad fireplace smell in your home is one of many reasons to contact the pros at A1 Chimney Specialist. The solution depends on the cause, and only chimney experts have the know-how to flush out the root of the issue. We offer comprehensive services so that whatever the solution is to your problem, we’ve got you covered. Schedule any chimney services you need with A-1 Chimney, including chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney crown repair, masonry repair, a chimney rebuild, and more.

Get rid of the stress and the bad smell in your fireplace! Contact A-1 today by calling us in Tennessee at 931-967-3595 or in Alabama at 256-285-4895. You can also fill out our online form.