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Help! My Chimney Stinks

You have noticed a strange and smelly odor in your home, and you have tracked down the source to your fireplace. Several things could be causing this smell, and when your chimney stinks so badly you can smell it in your home, it is time to call the professionals such as A-1 Chimney Specialist. We have CSIA-certified chimney sweeps who will find what is causing the odor and get rid of the problem, no matter what it may be. We provide the chimney services to take care of a stinky fireplace and chimney, and we would like to tell you more about the different reasons why you have a chimney that stinks.


If you have a wood-burning fireplace, chances are you have creosote deposits building up on your chimney walls. If the odor coming from your hearth smells like burned wood, you will know that creosote is the culprit. A naturally occurring substance, creosote is the residue left behind when smoke, vapors, gases, tar fog, and other by-products of combustion exit the cooler, upper chimney walls, as a result of condensation. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), a buildup of creosote deposits in your chimney is a dangerous fire hazard as creosote is highly combustible. All it takes is your chimney flue to reach a certain internal temperature to start a chimney fire. The expert chimney sweeps at A-1 Chimney Specialist are trained extensively to remove all creosote deposits when they perform a professional chimney cleaning. Not only will we remove the source of the stinky odor in your fireplace, but we will also protect you from a hazardous chimney fire when we clean the creosote deposits from your


rebuild chimney TN ValleyIf you notice that distinctive, musty smell of mold coming from your fireplace and if your family members start developing asthma symptoms, mold is the source of that stinky odor and needs immediate attention for the health of you and your family. Mold can develop and grow on your chimney walls if you have a leaky chimney. According to the CSIA, water is the number one enemy of your masonry chimney. Chimney leaks can cause all sorts of problems, from mold growth to structural damage. At A-1 Chimney Specialist, our certified technicians can clean your chimney to get rid of the mold and then determine the leak source and repair it. We provide customized chimney flashing installation to keep the water out of your chimney as well as waterproofing, a treatment that seals your chimney walls with a 100% vapor-permeable solution that prevents water penetration while still allowing your chimney to “breathe” and vapors and gases to exit. This way you will not have to worry about mold returning.


Sometimes animals like birds, squirrels, and even raccoons will choose your chimney as a nesting spot during the winter, and if an animal should become trapped in your chimney and die, you will most definitely have a stinky chimney. Also, animals can leave behind debris, including fecal matter, which will also cause a bad odor in your fireplace. The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at A-1 Chimney Specialist can help you with your animal problem, and we carry chimney bird screens we can install to prevent birds and other animals from making your chimney their home.

If you have a stinky chimney, contact A-1 Chimney Specialist today to arrange for one of our experienced chimney sweeps to diagnose and solve your odor problem.