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How to Prepare for a Visit from Your Chimney Sweep

When it’s time to have your chimney
cleaned, yourchimney damper repair, Franklin, TN chimney technician will do all the dirty work. You on the other hand, can do a little of the clean work in preparation for the tech’s visit.

Here are some simple guidelines from A1 Chimney Specialist, a licensed chimney company serving Winchester, TN, and Huntsville, AL.

Don’t use the fireplace for 24 to 48 hours

Chimney cleaning technicians can suffer injury if your fireplace/chimney system is still hot from a recent fire. We encourage all our clients who request chimney sweeping to avoid using their fireplaces for at least 24 hours prior to our arrival.

Make a path

Chimney cleaning requires the use of a variety of tools and pieces of equipment including industrial vacuums. Make it easy on your service tech by clearing a path from the entrance of your home to the fireplace.

Our chimney sweeps are always very careful, but accidents can happen, so it’s best to prevent them by making sure your technician can easily get from your door to the fireplace.

Clear the work area

The area in front of, to the sides and above your fireplace should be cleared of clutter – and especially of any valuables you might have in those areas.

Move furniture away, clear off your fireplace mantel, drag area rugs to other parts of the room and generally pare down the number of objects near your fireplace. This will make your technician’s job easier and protect items in your home.

Cover furniture

A well-trained chimney services worker will always be careful with dust and debris during a chimney cleaning job, but it doesn’t hurt for you to take extra precautions with your furnishings that are proximal to your fireplace.

If you can move certain furniture pieces away, do so. For heavy items or items that can’t or shouldn’t be moved, cover them well with plastic drop cloths (like painters use) or at the very least some heavy blankets.

Keep the work area free of kids and pets

Young children shouldn’t be allowed to enter the work area while your chimney is being cleaned. The same with playful pets.

Your kids and pets may be wonderful additions to your home under normal circumstances, but chimney cleaning isn’t one of those circumstances.

gas fireplace Service in Murfreesboro, TNMake note of concerns ahead of time

Most reputable chimney companies employ technicians who are capable of not only cleaning your chimney but also performing inspections and repair work. If you have questions about the operation or condition of your fireplace/chimney system, this is the best person to ask to get the right answers.

Write down your questions prior to your tech’s visit. Chimney professionals are always happy to help their customers understand more about their systems and how to keep them in excellent and safe shape.

A clean chimney is a safe chimney

A visit from your chimney sweep is an important part of maintaining your system. Clean chimneys are less likely to produce a chimney fire, and they’re much better at smoothly drafting smoke and toxins from your fireplace.

A1 Chimney Specialist is ready to help with your chimney cleaning, inspection and repair needs. Reach us through our contact form, or call (931) 967-3595 in Winchester, TN, or (256) 285-4895 in Huntsville, AL.