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Inspecting a Chimney from Crown to Firebox

Every time we think about our fireplace and the kind of comfort it gives us, the memories of joyful family get-togethers and moments of peace and relaxation while you read a book or two come flooding back. Indeed having the luxury of a fireplace can bring so much joy and pleasure. But, reality check: behind all the good times by the fireplace you still need ensure chimney maintenance is up-to-date so that it is safe to use and there are no problems with performance of the chimney.

Before getting anything else done with your chimney, a chimney inspection is needed and they come in three levels, ranging from least to greatest in thoroughness. This will help our licensed chimney sweeps to determine the kind of problem the chimney is giving to you, the right way to fix it and the necessary equipment needed to get it fixed.

Chimney Inspection Types

Chimney InspectionThe experts of A-1 Chimney Specialists are ready and well-equipped to carry out these inspections. We adhere to the standards set by The National Fire Protection Association or NFPA and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) called the Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel Burning Appliances or commonly known as the 211. These clearly indicate the need for regular chimney inspections and the proper way of doing them.

Level I

In the first level of inspection, our certified chimney sweep will survey easily accessible areas of the chimney. Areas like:

  • Chimney Interior
  • Chimney Exterior
  • Chimney Connections

This is a simple inspection done with a flashlight to check the parts and to make sure there are no obstructions or deposits of the dangerous creosote. This level of inspection is also done when there have been no unwanted incidents in your chimney prior to inspection. Also, in this level, our sweep will make sure that the structure is intact all the way through. There will be no need for special tools in this kind of inspection.

Level II

Level II is a more specific version of Level I. A Level II inspection is needed when you are making changes with the kind of fuel you use or if there was any relining of the flue. It is mandatory before you attempt to sell your property or if you move into a house with a preexisting chimney. This inspection is also done when there were instances where subtle fires or natural calamities such as earthquakes happened. We use special equipment in this level of inspection like video cameras to check the inside of the flue, also checking the attic and the basement for possible damage.

Level III

Level III is more detailed and there is already a need to look at the concealed areas of the chimney. This type of chimney inspection is typically done when damage has been done to the house that might eventually lead to loss of property. In this level, some parts of the structure needs to be removed like the chimney cap and crown to reveal the underlying damage.

Given all the information above, you can trust that A-1 Chimney Specialists are here to inspect your fireplace and chimney and make sure that there are no possibilities for danger to lurk in your home. Your safety is always our priority. That’s why we only bring quality to the table.