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Install A Bird Screen Today

If you own a fireplace, then maintaining regular inspections and cleanings is important. Keeping your chimney free from various types of wear and tear will help to ensure it works efficiently for years to come. One step homeowners can take in preventing damage and excessive build-up in their chimney is getting a bird screen installed.

Dangers Caused By Birds

chimney swiftsThere are many ways that birds can cause problems for you and your fireplace. Birds need to build nests so they seek out places that will keep their home protected and their babies warm. Chimneys and other types of ventilation systems are ideal for birds to build their home. Unfortunately, their nests are typically made of highly flammable materials, such as leaves, twigs, and straw. This not only means your chimney cannot vent properly, but a chimney fire could easily be triggered, putting your home and family in danger.

Another issue with birds is the droppings they leave behind. These droppings can get stuck and cause ventilation issues. This issue puts your family’s health at risk and could mean dangerous toxins are backing up into your home. This debris also triggers a lot of deterioration and unsightly stains on your chimney, which affects the structure and overall appearance of your masonry.

Preventing Damage

Preventing these various issues is why installing a bird screen is so important. Since there are often laws set in place, as far as the removal of nests, steps should be taken to ensure that birds never have the chance to enter in the first place. With certain bird species, you have to wait for the birds to officially leave their nest behind, before removing it. This may take months, leaving you without the use of a chimney. Take action before it is too late and look into chimney screens today!

Other Critters…

Birds are not the only animals out there that can cause damage. Chimney screens are also great for keeping out squirrels, raccoons, and other types of critters known for causing issues. Some of these animals are aggressive upon removal, which is why preventing their entrance is important for maintaining safety levels in your home.

Many of these animals are also known for building nests and bringing in a lot of debris and flammable materials, all of which can cause major issues. They can easily gnaw through important parts of the chimney and cause hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of dollars’ worth of damage. Install a sturdy bird screen or covering to ensure they stay away from your home.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we have all of the tools and products you need to ensure that your home stays free from these pesky creatures. You will not regret taking these steps when it comes to maintaining the safety of your home and family. Give us a call today and let our experts set you up right.