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Why Is My Chimney Leaning?

Enjoying crackling fires in fireplaces is a popular winter activity, though safety should always come first. It’s time to contact chimney professionals if you have reason to ask, “Why is my chimney leaning?” A tilting chimney is a danger and needs to be repaired without delay. Disregarding a leaning chimney exposes your home to possible structural damage, pest infestation, and mold. All that being said, the following are some of the reasons chimneys start leaning.

chimney leaning in Hampton Cove ALThe Problem is Often Foundational

It has been the experience of many chimney sweeps that foundation problems are the root cause of most leaning chimneys. All building projects depend on builders and their competence or lack of it. Careless masons have gained a reputation for using substandard materials to build fireplaces. As a result, the process of deterioration is accelerated. In these situations, chimneys are apt to start leaning sooner rather than later.

No Footing or Compromised Footing

At ground level, chimneys must have solid concrete footing. Chimney brickwork is extremely heavy. If there is no footing or if the footing is inadequate, problems can be expected. Chimneys can sink gradually into the ground, causing them to pull away from the house. If substandard materials were used for the footing, cracking would occur. This is one of the most common answers to the question, “Why is my chimney leaning?”

Shifting Soil

Even when builders do a great job of ensuring adequate footing for a chimney, shifting soil underneath the foundation can result in the heavy structure sinking. Shifting soil can result from inadequate drainage, nearby construction, and excess moisture. Because of the instability of the foundation caused by shifting soil, the chimney can begin leaning.

What Makes a Leaning Chimney Dangerous?

A leaning chimney may not look as though it is ready to topple, but it is a dangerous situation. There is a very real risk of the structure collapsing. This occurs because chimneys weigh thousands of pounds. When they get off-center, they can collapse, causing injury and potentially destroying your roof.

The open gaps that usually occur when a chimney is leaning puts homes at risk for moisture problems such as mold and mildew, wood rot, and the weakening of other structures. The more severe the tilt of a leaning chimney, the more dangerous the threat to the structure and those inside.

Contact A-1 Chimney if You’ve Been Wondering “Why is My Chimney Leaning?”

As many throughout Tennessee and Alabama have discovered, the professionals at A-1 Chimney Specialist can be relied upon for chimney rebuilding, reliable chimney inspections, fixing chimney leaks, and any other type of chimney repair and maintenance you may need. Unfortunately for the homeowners involved, leaning chimneys are not uncommon.

chimney leaning in Tullahoma TNOur CSIA-certified chimney technicians are ready to answer the question, “Why is my chimney leaning?” and any other issues you may have with your fireplace or chimney. We offer flue liner replacement, chimney cleaning, fireplace installation, custom stonework, and more.

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