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Keep the Birds Out This Spring with Bird Screens

When it comes to keeping birds and wildlife out of your flue and chimney, finding good solutions is a challenge. The masonry walls of your chimney offer a perfect spot to build nests, warmth, and to hide from potential predators. Many wild animals will flock to your chimney as a safe place this spring.

bird screens for chimney swifts huntsville alabamaBecause of this, homeowners are choosing to invest in bird screens. Learn more about these below, then trust in the A-1 Chimney Specialist crew to install one as soon as possible.

What Are Bird Screens? How Do They Work?

Bird screens are mesh screens that are placed over the top of the chimney or chimney cap. They work to keep birds out of your system. They are easy to install, and they provide added protection that your chimney needs- a well worthwhile investment!

What’s The Big Deal With Birds Nesting In My Chimney?

Now, it is common for customers to wonder if it is fine to let birds nest into the chimney, as long as they leave before the start of burning season. After all, what’s the harm? Well, a big issue is the threat that nesting materials and excess debris can pose for your household. These items can clog up the flue. They also increase the likelihood of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide to enter your home. They are also extremely flammable, increase the odds of a chimney fire. These events can all cause serious structural damage, and they leave gaps and openings in your brickwork through which flames, fumes, and smoke can easily escape into your home.

There is also the chance that you light a fire without knowing that the birds are present within your system, which is both inhumane and unsafe. Not to mention, some birds like chimney swift are protected by law, which means harming them could land you with some hefty fines. Another problem? Birds are noisy. If you have baby birds living in your chimney, you will be forced to listen to their high-pitched chirping day after day. If they are protected like chimney swift, you are stuck with them until they decide to leave on their own.

We Can Help You Out Today

There is no time to lose when it comes to keeping birds out of your chimney, so get in touch with us today! While we’re at it, ask about getting a chimney inspection scheduled, so you can have your system swept, repaired, and taken care of well before we the cold strikes again. Come fall, you will be all set and ready to light fires!