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Five Steps for Preparing Your Fireplace for Fall

Every year, homeowners start working on their fall maintenance checklist. One of those items includes getting their chimney and fireplace ready for cold weather usage. For some, this might be a more involved process than others. Why exactly? Read on to discover the five steps you need to take while preparing your fireplace for fall.

Warm and Safe Wood Burning Fireplace, Winchester TN1. Declutter

Throughout the year, lots of things will slowly encroach upon your fireplace and/or chimney. Some of these are to be expected, such as tree branches that grow toward your chimney. There isn’t anything you can do to stop this growth, but you can trim it back as you’re preparing your fireplace for fall.

Inside your home, we tend to store things in areas that aren’t in use. For some families, this includes storing items within the firebox or near it on the hearth. Naturally, you’ll want to clear all of this away and store it elsewhere in your home. Also don’t forget to decorate!

2. Inspect and Replace

This two-part step includes tips for both our wood-burning and gas-burning readers. First, inspect your gasket; both styles of fireplaces will have one. This helps to keep smoke and fumes from entering your home while the fireplace is in use. If your gasket is damaged, replace it or call A-1 Chimney Specialists for assistance.

The other item you should replace is your batteries. This includes the ones inside of any gas-burning remote controls as well as both your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Even if you have hard-wired sensors, they still have a battery backup that will need occasionally replaced.

3. Look Up

Take a walk outside and look up, that is. Visually, does anything look out of place with your chimney, such as: Is your cap missing? If not, does it look damaged? Can you see cracks in your crown? Do you see stains on the outside of your masonry? Are there any cracks or crumbling spots within your brick-and-mortar? If the answer is yes to any of these, call us right away for assistance.

Expert Chimney Sweeping, Madison AL4. Prepare

Our fourth step in preparing your fireplace for fall is partially aimed at the next season. Firewood needs to be seasoned, which means you need to do some preparation today for future usage.

First, it’s better to burn dense wood. Second, if you cut your wood yesterday, don’t use it tomorrow. Rather, it needs to dry out for at least six months, split side down and off of the ground. Finally, test the wood to ensure it’s fully dried out before burning it.

5. Schedule a Sweep & Inspection

Perhaps the most important step in preparing your fireplace for fall is to schedule a professional chimney sweep and inspection.

When you work with a CSIA-certified company, they’ll ensure that your chimney is not only fully functional but that it is safe for normal operation all season long.

Have you had your fall fireplace inspection yet? If not, then let the team at A-1 Chimney Specialists know by calling us at 931-967-3595 (TN) or 256-285-4895 (AL) or booking an appointment with our handy form!