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Problems Damp Chimney’s Can Cause

A small leak can seem like a minor issue on the surface. To the eye, it may look like it’s not causing too much of a problem. However, water is insidious. It can cause damage quickly and the costs for repair can skyrocket extremely quickly. The last thing you want to be worrying about while enjoying a crackling fire is sneaky moisture. Let’s take a look at three problems a damp chimney can cause.

Chimney Crown Repairs in Winchester TN

Problem 1: a damaged crown

A damaged or missing chimney crown is a surefire way to add unwanted moisture damage to your chimney structure. The crown of a chimney is its uppermost protection against the environment. It stands against the elements and directs rainwater and snow away from your chimney to the gutters where it can be disposed of.

Cracks in the crown can’t usually be seen from the ground. This unfortunately means that by the time they’re discovered, they’ve probably contributed to significant damage. If the crown is missing, the damage will occur even faster. Why exactly? Simply put, as nothing is protecting the top of your chimney, water will eventually start to come in.

Problem 2: cracked mortar

While the brickwork in your chimney is designed to last long-term (possibly a century or longer), the mortar holding everything together has a much shorter shelf-life. As mortar ages, it can begin to crumble and crack. This, in turn, creates a prime opportunity for moisture to seep in.

Generally speaking, cracks don’t look that bad on the surface. This means many homeowners will see them and move on without prioritizing repair. Then, once it’s created a problem, they call an A1 Chimney Specialist technician to solve a problem that could have been eliminated before it happened in the first place.

Problem 3: leaky flashing

High winds or strong storms can cause the flashing surrounding your chimney to lift and loosen, leading to more leaks and damage. This is another issue that isn’t always easy to see from the ground. This is especially the case if you have a two-story home and cannot see the roof without being up on a ladder.

Flashing creates a seal between your chimney and shingles. Along with being hard to diagnose from the ground, the leaks that are caused by issues with your flashing can lead to serious roof damage. Subsequently, this will lead to problems in other areas of your home.

Now, locate the cause and fix it

How can you avoid damage from a damp chimney? Stay on top of regular inspections. Your technician will likely find issues before they’ve had an opportunity to cause large amounts of damage and get them fixed right away.

Chimney Flashing Repairs in Madison ALIf you’ve noticed any of these issues, contact A1 Chimney Specialist today!

Moisture damage is not always easy to spot until it has done significant damage. Mitigating these three problems are just some of the ways our team can help.

By scheduling yearly maintenance inspections, our techs can locate, diagnose, and repair areas where moisture is getting in before they cause serious damage to your wallet. Whether you’ve seen the damage and need it fixed asap or you need to schedule your next appointment, we’re here to help. Contact A1 Chimney Specialist by phone at 931-967-3595 (TN), 256-285-4895 (AL) or send us a message through our simple online contact form.