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A Look At The Protective Components of a Chimney

Having a fireplace in your home can make any cold day feel a little bit cozier. However, regular maintenance is a must if you have a chimney. It’s normal for your chimney to experience a lot of wear and tear, especially if you use it frequently. Because of this, chimneys have protective components to keep them in good condition. Here’s a look at the protective components of a modern chimney and what they do.

chimney damper repair, hazel green alDamper

A chimney damper is a mechanism that helps you control the airflow in your fireplace. You can control the chimney damper with a lever to adjust it. When the damper is open, it allows smoke and fumes from the fireplace to escape up through the flue. This helps to prevent accidental house fires and other safety issues. When you’re not running a fire, you can close the damper to prevent cold air from flowing into your house.


The flue is the open passageway of your chimney that allows smoke to pass up and out of your home. The damper opens and closes the flue. Because so much smoke runs through the flue, it is very susceptible to damage. To protect against this damage, many chimneys have a flue liner. These liners are usually made of thin steel sheets. While these liners protect your chimney from damage, it’s still important to have your flue cleaned regularly to prevent further damage.

chimney crown repair, altamont tnCrown

The crown is a layer of concrete or mortar that is applied to the top of your chimney. The purpose of the crown is to protect your chimney from the elements. The crown protects the top layer of the chimney from precipitation as well as the impact from hail or loose debris. Moisture can cause structural damage to your chimney over time, so the crown helps prevent this from happening.


The cap sits on top of your chimney to further prevent precipitation from making its way in. The cap looks like a small roof on top of the chimney, with a hole that allows smoke and fumes to escape. Not only do chimney caps keep moisture from damaging the chimney, they also keep bugs, rodents, and other pests away. It also prevents loose debris from falling in and potentially catching fire. Chimney caps are typically made of steel or copper.

All of these protective components help your chimney last longer, but regular maintenance is still crucial. A-1 Chimney Specialist offers chimney sweep and chimney repair services in southern middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley. Give us a call at 931-967-3595 (Tennessee) or 256-285-4895 (Alabama), or contact us to schedule your appointment.