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Reasons Why Your Chimney May Be Leaking

As any homeowner knows, a small leak within your house can lead to major headaches. A lightly dripping pipe behind your wall can lead to mold. Likewise, a leaky chimney can lead to a wide range of issues, including interior damage and health problems. Here are five reasons why your chimney may be leaking.

Rusty Chimney Repair and Leaky Chimney Repair in Pelham TNReason #1: Rust

Several components of your chimney system can rust. Collectively, they’re a common reason why your chimney may be leaking. The biggest culprit is your chase cover. If water is collecting within it, it can eventually rust away. The holes it leaves behind are prime ways for rain and snow to get into your home.

Another chimney component susceptible to rust is your damper. If it’s rusted and in the open position, combined with other problems (such as a rusted chase cover or missing chimney cap) it can allow water to get into your home relatively easily.

Reason #2: An overabundance of water

Speaking of water, did you know that masonry is a porous material? While newer chimney constructions often try to mitigate this issue, older chimneys (due to their design) will often have oversaturated brick. And even newer homes may experience this type of leak, especially if the area they’re in has been hit by extensive periods of heavy rain.

Reason #3: Debris

Do you remember a moment ago when we mentioned your chimney cap? This component can break down if various types of debris are left on top of it or within the mesh grates. An annual sweep and inspection by your A-1 Chimney Specialist can easily clean this out. However, if left unattended, debris can lead to leaks relatively quickly.

Reason #4: Missing masonry

Finally, cracked, damaged, or completely missing masonry is the last of our reasons why your chimney may be leaking. Again, as masonry is porous, it becomes susceptible to water damage. The winter’s freeze and thaw cycle can magnify this issue, leading to even bigger problems down the road. The solution is to repair the cracks or damaged bricks first, and then apply a waterproof sealant to maintain the longevity of your masonry.

Reason #5: Deteriorating flashing

Flashing is a metal material that acts as a barrier between two home components. Over time, it can rust or wear down, especially if it wasn’t installed properly. As flashing acts as a barrier to keep water out, if it’s in poor condition then water will most likely take advantage of that weakness.

Chimney Flashing inspection and repairs in Flintville TNCan’t determine the reason why your chimney is leaking? Then contact us ASAP!

While our five reasons why your chimney may be leaking will cover most scenarios, there is always the possibility that another problem is lurking behind the scenes. If you can’t quickly determine what’s going on, it’s best to get in touch with our team right away. We’ll schedule an appointment to visit your home and provide you with a thorough inspection of the system.

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