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Schedule an Early Chimney Sweeping Before the Fall Rush

Between October and December, many homeowners are busy getting ready for the upcoming cold winter season. They’re out buying winter coats for the kids, winterizing their cars, and getting the fireplace ready too. Since fall is the busiest season for chimney service providers, you may want to schedule your chimney sweep a little earlier to beat the rush.

Convenient Appointment Windows

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection Professionals in Huntsville, AL The summer is typically a slow season for the chimney industry. Many homeowners aren’t thinking about the fireplace and chimney when the weather is warm. However, scheduling your appointment during the slower season is an advantage. One of the perks is availability. You will have a choice of convenient appointment times so you can take care of your fireplace without impacting your summer activities. You will also be able to combine your annual chimney cleaning with a yearly inspection during the same visit saving valuable time.

More Time to Make Repairs

Getting your chimney inspection and cleaning done early will also give you more time to make repairs. During the cleaning and inspection, the chimney sweep may spot issues like damaged flashing, broken chimney cap, cracked bricks, or other minor problems that need repair or replacement. The summer season will give you ample time to make the necessary repairs. With the cleaning, inspection, and repairs out of the way, your fireplace or heating stove will be ready to light when the colder weather arrives.

What You Can Expect from Your Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep Professionals In Madison, TNWhen you schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection, you can expect that the chimney sweep will arrive on time and maintain a professional appearance. The technician will prepare the work area, which includes laying drop cloths and tarps to protect the floor and furnishings. They will also have protective clothing such as a mask, respirator, gloves, sanitizers, and other equipment that will help eliminate exposure to soot, ash, and debris that may be accumulating in the fireplace and chimney. The chimney sweep may also access the roof to clean around the chimney cap and remove bird nests, leaves, and other debris that could be clogging the flue. Upon completion, the chimney sweep will clean the work area leaving your home in the same condition as when they arrived.

Why Chimney Sweeping is So Important

Fire prevention is the key to fireplace safety. Hiring a chimney sweep to clean the chimney every year is the best way to minimize the risk of fire and exposure to dangerous fumes. The combustion of wood and gas creates creosote – a potentially hazardous substance. More than 25,000 fires occur every year, mainly in the winter. Fire safety experts cite excessive creosote build-up in the chimney as the primary cause of an overwhelming majority of incidents. The central role of a professional chimney sweep is to ensure that your chimney, fireplace, and heating stove are safe to operate.

Don’t wait until the fall rush. Call A-1 Chimney Specialist to schedule an appointment with a Certified Chimney Sweep® today.