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Why You Should Schedule Your Chimney Inspection Now

Yearly chimney inspections are the best way to keep your chimney in good condition and catch structural problems before they get out of control. Even the most durable, well-built chimneys are going to experience wear and tear over time. A chimney inspection by a professional will identify potential problems that you might not have found on your own. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a chimney inspection on your calendar now.

Summer chimney inspections, Madison TN1. Summer chimney inspections give you more time to prepare.

Most homeowners use their chimneys more during the winter months, which is why it’s so important to schedule your inspection before temperatures start to cool down. You’ll want to make sure your chimney is in the best condition possible so you can use your fireplace regularly without any worries.

Many homeowners wait until the fall to schedule their chimney inspections. However, this doesn’t leave much time for repairs or upgrades. While your chimney isn’t likely to need repairs every year, it’s important to leave extra time just in case. Additionally, fall is the busiest time of year for chimney inspections. This means it can be difficult to get an appointment with the chimney professional of your choice. Scheduling your chimney inspection during the summer is the easiest way to avoid these issues.

2. Regular chimney inspections keep you safe.

Safety is one of the most important reasons to get a yearly chimney inspection. If your chimney and fireplace aren’t maintained properly, it can lead to a variety of safety issues for you and your family. Dust and debris inside your chimney can be a fire hazard if they aren’t cleaned. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, creosote buildup can also be a very serious fire hazard. Additionally, debris can easily make its way into the top of your chimney and block your flue, causing improper ventilation. During a chimney inspection, your chimney sweep will check for all of these issues to make sure that you are safe for the winter.

chimney inspections structural damage, Madison AL3. Chimney inspections can catch structural issues early on.

Many homeowners don’t notice that the structure of their chimney has been damaged until it is too late to fix it. This is because many of the first signs of structural damage are things you can’t see. For example, water damage can cause the brick and mortar on your chimney to shift over time, but the progression is so slow that you likely wouldn’t notice on your own. Additionally, the chimney flue liner and chimney crown may be damaged, but because they are on the interior of your chimney, you wouldn’t be able to see them. Your chimney sweep can inspect the interior of your chimney to catch these issues and recommend the best repair strategy to use moving forward.

The summer is going to fly by, so make sure you schedule your chimney inspection now! This will ensure that you can enjoy plenty of time snuggled up by the fire this winter. A1 Chimney offers chimney inspections, repairs, cleaning, and more throughout southern middle Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley. Give us a call at 931-967-3595 (Tennessee) or 256-285-4895 (Alabama) to schedule an appointment!