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With cold weather soon approaching, homeowners are gearing up for more frequent fireplace use. While many look forward to the pleasant atmosphere gained by a crackling fire, they often forget how much maintenance these appliances need. Scheduling a professional chimney inspection and fireplace cleaning at least once a year is important in keeping things safe and ensuring everything is running efficiently.

chimney inspectionDo-it-yourself tutorials seem to be popping up everywhere online. Due to the seemingly easy approach you can take towards many household projects, you might find yourself wondering if hiring a professional is necessary. While there are things you can do yourself for regular upkeep, hiring an expert is the safest route to take. Read up on some reasons why below.

Use of Proper Techniques

Ensuring that all dirt and excess creosote are removed is vital in maintaining proper chimney health. Birds and other critters are known for building nests inside of chimneys in hopes of keeping their offspring safe from bad weather. Not only does this build-up make things function less efficiently, but it can trigger chimney fires, as well.

When it comes to cleaning out these nasty substances, knowing the proper tools and chemicals to use can be challenging. By hiring a certified chimney sweep, you will know that every nook and cranny is being taken care of. They are aware of which approaches to take when examining your chimney and will not miss any blockages or other hazards.

Catching Needed Repairs

When it comes to structural repairs, you can never be too careful. Little cracks and holes can turn into big problems if they go unattended for too long, costing you a lot of time, stress, and money. Often, these minor issues are hard to spot, especially for those who do not know for what or where to look.

An expert will be able to examine the various aspects of your chimney to determine whether repairs are necessary. Various parts of your home could eventually be affected should your chimney eventually collapse or settle. Don’t let minor issues turn into big repairs. Call in a chimney sweep today.

Peace Of Mind

Nothing beats the peace of mind gained from getting an expert’s overview on one’s fireplace. Throughout an inspection, your chimney sweep will be looking for any possible ways your chimney may cause problems. By getting this insight, you can rest easy knowing your fireplace is taken care of and that your home and family will be safe throughout the upcoming seasons.

If your fireplace has been out of use throughout these hot, summertime months, then schedule a cleaning soon. Getting that inspection in before you start lighting fires is important for your chimney’s health, so pick up the phone and give A-1 Chimney Specialist a call today.